4 Signs Your Teen Is Involved In Gang Activity

In many parts of the country, it is a serious concern for parents that their teenager might get involved in gang activity. This violent and criminal behavior is glorified in the media and can seem appealing to teens who don’t understand the potential consequences of their actions. Unfortunately, for most of the teens who do get involved in gang activity it only ends with jail time. No parent wants this for their teen, making it incredibly important that you keep a close eye on your teen’s behavior so you can do something if they start falling in with the wrong crowd. Below are 4 easy to spot signs that your teen might be getting involved with a gang. If you notice any of these in your teen, make sure you take the situation seriously and get them the help they need.

What To Watch For In Your Teen

4 – Getting into fights – Violent behavior is one of the cornerstones of gang activity. If your teen is constantly getting in fights and has no explanation why, it is likely they have become involved with a gang.

3 – Carrying a knife or other weapon – Because of the violent behavior they frequently engage in, gang members will often carry weapons. If you find some kind of weapon in your teen’s possession, it should be a clear sign they are involved in some type of dangerous or criminal behavior.

2 – Failing in school – Teens who are involved with gangs very seldom engage in the classroom, and frequently fail most of their classes. If your teenager has started failing and seems unconcerned about their classroom experience, it is essential to find out what is behind this attitude.

1 – Using drugs or alcohol – Substance use is another incredibly common behavior among struggling teens who are involved in gangs. This can range from casual marijuana and alcohol use to more serious drugs like cocaine and heroine.

Don’t Let Your Teen Fall Into A Criminal Lifestyle

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