5 Reasons Teens Start Using Drugs

dannieEverybody knows that teen drug use is a serious problem, but most people focus on dealing with it once it has already become an issue instead of looking at the underlying causes behind this behavior. This is unfortunate, as not addressing the roots behind these problems makes them much more difficult to overcome and can often result in a latter relapse. At Elevations RTC, we believe in providing the right therapy to really get to the heart of a teen’s issues and help them make a lasting recovery. With this in mind, below are 5 of the most common reasons teens will start using drugs and alcohol.

Most Common Reasons For Teen Substance use

1 – Peer pressure – Most teens want to fit in and do what their friends are doing. This can lead to problems if friends start to experiment with substances. In some cases, this can lead to a great deal of peer pressure to use drugs or alcohol. Make sure you talk to your teen about this issue and let them know that substance use is never the answer.

2 – Mental health issues – An undiagnosed mental health issue can be a terrible burden, and this sometimes leads individuals to attempt to self-medicate through substance use. Unfortunately, drugs and alcohol often only make the underlying mental health problem more serious.

3 – Stress – Teens who are under a great deal of stress or simply aren’t well equipped to deal with stress will sometimes turn to drugs or alcohol as a coping mechanism.

4 – Impulsive personality – If your teen has trouble with impulse control, it can be hard for them to fully consider the consequences of their actions before making bad decisions. A teen with this issue might start using drugs or alcohol with friends without thinking about the dangers of this choice.

5 – Older siblings with substance use issues – When someone grows up seeing this behavior, it can make it seem more normal and acceptable.

Elevations Can Get Your Teen Sober

If you have a child who has started engaging in substance use, then it is very important that you take action and find them help quickly. Without the right assistance, drug and alcohol use could become a lifelong habit that will impact your teen’s mental and physical health. Don’t let this happen to your teen. Instead, reach out to us at Elevations RTC as soon as possible. We can help your teen achieve sobriety and avoid any risks of relapse. You can reach us today for help or more information at.

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