7 Things to Avoid with Your Angry Teen | Part Two

Your response in the heat of the moment can determine the outcome of the entire situation.

Elevations RTC is breaking down how to help your teen manage their anger. Dealing with anger, a raw and unpredictable emotion, can be difficult in any situation, but throw in the hormones and inexperience of teenagers and the situation can become devastating quickly. In part two of our two part series on teen anger (click here for part one), we discuss three more  things that you can do as a parent to help teach your teen a healthier way to manage their anger.


3 more things to avoid when your teen is angry:

  1. Don’t give consequences or make threats in the heat of the moment. It can be tempting to threaten punishment if our teen doesn’t respond the way we want to in the moment. This can make the situation worse though. Even if punishment is appropriate, it is still better to allow everything to de-escalate and then discuss it with your teen when they are calmer. It’s also important to remember: don’t give punishments for feelings, give punishment for inappropriate behavior. Sometimes this line is blurry, but as a parent, looking at the situation objectively can determine what about your teen’s reaction was inappropriate, rather than just an emotion.

  2. Don’t miss the chance to talk with your teen after. Once everything has cooled off, it’s important to follow-up. Don’t leave things unresolved. This can bring closure to both you and your teen. It can also help him understand how to better handle things next time.

  3. Don’t lose sight of your goal. As a parent, we all have goals for how we parent our teens. What are your goals? One of our most important jobs as parents is to give our teens problem-solving tools that they will use throughout life. How can you help them accomplish this? This can give a lot of clarity to how you handle the discussion.