ADHD Affects Women Differently: What to Look For, How to Deal With It

Does your teen constantly forget what she's doing? Is her room a mess? Does she jump from one task to the next ? Every teen is distracted at times and every individual has moments of forgetfulness, but when it is a constant issue, there might be something more at play. If you notice these issues in your team coupled with the inability to concentrate on any one thing, the tendency to daydream and fidget, she might have a case of ADHD.

The Symptoms

Some of the ADHD symptoms are obvious. Your teen is easily distracted and overly active. But there are other symptoms that are more subtle and easier to miss within women and young girls. ADHD may show up in someone who simply seems overly extroverted. Watch for easy frustration at simple tasks like picking out clothes or grocery shopping. Girls can also show signs of depression when their ADHD is left untreated. For some women and girls, hormones also play a role in masking the symptoms. While the symptoms are not always cut and dry, if you notice issues within your teen, ask her doctor about the possibility of ADHD.

Coping Mechanisms

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder shows itself in different ways, but there are a number of different ways to deal with the affliction. Not every coping mechanism is right for everyone, but here are some things to try.


In some cases, medication is a great way to calm ADHD within a young woman. The right medication can help calm her mind so she can concentrate on tasks. She will feel less scatterbrained and frustrations will diminish. Medication is not always a long term answer, but it can help teens cope with the affliction.

Residential Treatment

Some teens do best in treatment programs such as those offered at Elevations RTC. These specialized treatments are customized for each individual and teach the teen how to guide herself into a successful future. With the right skills and a healthy mindset, she reconnect with life.

Calming Techniques

Many teens cope with this issue by using simple calming techniques. They count to ten when they are frustrated, remind themselves to take deep breaths and do a number of other things to slow themselves down and deal with issues at hand.

Relief from this affliction takes time and experimentation, but teen girls who find a healthy path are much happier in the end. Toll Free:855-290-9681