Balanced Parenting | How to Ensure Your Child's Safety While Giving Them Space

Don't Over-parent and Give Your Child Space

Every once in awhile, parents need to lay down the law with their teenage son or daughter; it's simply inherent to the parent-child dynamic. However, while mom and dad are sometimes required to intervene, it is still important for teens to learn from mistakes on their own

As a teenager, there is nothing more demoralizing than when a parent micromanages and critiques your every move. When a parent is constantly on their child's case about every misstep and error they make, it prevents the adolescent from growing emotionally. Moreover, teens who fail to develop on their own tend to struggle with maturing into young adulthood, emotionally. In other words: a teen who is consistently micromanaged by overbearing parents will often fail in developing the necessary life-skills they need to function in society.

So, how can a parent support their child and ensure their safety without overbearing their adolescent?  Well, therein lies the crucial balance of effective parenting. Below are two basic steps a parent can take to ensure they are properly balancing their child's safety while providing them the necessary space for emotional development. 

Educating Your Child: Parents should educate their child on the dangers of adolescence. Their child should be knowledgeable of the consequences of their actions. If a child is acutely aware of the weight of their consequential behaviors, they are more likely to adhere to basic safety measures, such as abstaining from drugs or alcohol usage. 

Give Your Child Space: This step tends to be particularly difficult to those 'overbearing parent archetypes.' However, it is entirely necessary for these types of parents to learn how to give their child space, especially when it pertains to making mistakes. If you are an overbearing parent, understand that you are only alieving your stress by micromanaging your child, rather than helping your son. In doing so, you will be able to come to the realization that your parental over-reaching - while it may be out of concern and love for your child - is actually an act of selfishness and does nothing but negatively affect your child. 

Alarming Statistics: Today's Parents Fail to Provide Their Child With Necessary Space

The Guardian shared a report from the Future Foundation that showed the average amount for 8-to-10-year-olds playing unsupervised in the summer holidays has fallen from 55 times in the 1950s and the 1960s to only 24 times now. While this may be a reflection of the added dangers of online, sexual predators, it is still an alarming statistic. What's more? Millenials are failing to leave their parents home in record numbers. Perhaps this statistic is tangible proof that over-parenting is inadequate parenting.