Beware the 'Finstagram'

Bizarre trend has teens creating two Instagram profiles: one to keep away from prying eyes

It is all but impossible to keep up with the latest trends from our teens and young people. It can be hard to catch on to the words and activities that have teens buzzing. Prepare yourself for the latest one: this trend is called “finstagram,” and it stands for “fake-Instagram.”

You may be familiar with the popular photo-sharing social media site Instagram; perhaps you even follow your teens activities on there. It’s a great place to share photos and interact with other users. Now that parents have begun using the site, some teens have started the trend of creating a second account, a “fake Instagram” or “finstagram.” Doing so allows them the opportunity to share “more embarrassing” photos and content with “close friends.” Yet the trend also serves as a way to keep some content away from the prying eyes of parents and adults.

"Normal Instagram pictures are usually edited to make the people in them look really good, like whitening teeth and getting rid of acne," Arman Julia, a New Jersey high-schooler, told Tech Insider of the trend. "Finsta pictures aren't filtered and are almost always bad pictures of the account owner. They're just something fun, they're meant to make people laugh."

Innocent trend or potential for inappropriate use?

The trend may seem innocent enough, and for many teens it may even be. But as with anything online, it opens the door to other behavior when teens think that their parents may not be watching. For some high schools, the trend isn’t just popular, it’s become expected of students to have the two accounts. “It is not just normal to have a finsta, it is expected,” writes 17-year-old Eric Herber on a blog post.