Eating Disorders : A Rising Teenage Epidemic

Eating Disorders A Rising Teenage Epidemic

American teens are developing eating disorders like never before. With unprecedented societal pressure to look perfect, it's no surprise that our nation's youth are taking drastic measures to achieve an 'ideal body image.' 

Teenage Eating Disorders

Teens with eating disorders are starving themselves or purging to achieve an ideal image, leaving many of them in danger of physically harming themselves, permanently in some cases. What's more? If left unchecked, eating disorders are known to kill those who engage in taking drastic measures to be skinny. 

Considering the dangers of eating disorders, it's crucial for parents to be able to identify whether or not their child is suffering from extreme diet-habits. Below is a list of 3 signs for parents to look out for. 

What Parents Should Look Out for:

3 - Unusual lack of energy - While it's true that everyone suffers from tiredness from time to time, teens who engage in extreme eating habits tend to suffer from an extreme lack of energy. In fact, teens who develop an eating disorder will appear lethargic most of, if not all of the time. Even basic activities such as staying awake during class or driving to school may be particularly difficult. 

2 - Distorted body image/low self-esteem -  While many triggers lead the development of an eating disorder, the general underlying issue is a teen's distorted perception of their body due to a low self-esteem. When these types of adolescents look in the mirror, they perceive their body image as heavy, even if they are far from being overweight. 

 1 - Health issues - Eating disorders, of course, have a devastating impact on a person's physical health. If your teen suffers from an unusually low bill of health, it may be a result of unhealthy eating habits. With that in mind, it is important to take your child to the doctors regularly in order to rule out any possibility of an eating disorder. 

Finding Right Help For Teen Eating Disorders

Finding the necessary treatment for a child who suffers from an eating disorder is critical. If a child who suffers from an eating disorder does not receive the treatment they require, they will suffer severe physical and mental consequences, and in some cases. In some cases, these effects may even lead to death.  

 At Elevations RTC, we believe that the therapy and medical supervision we offer can effectively make a difference for a teenager in this particular type of situation. Our expert and professional staff will ensure that your teen stays safe while they are guided back towards a healthier lifestyle and taught the skills they need to avoid any future issues with eating disorders. If you need our help, contact us today at 1-855-290-9681.