Fixing the Whole: Getting Mental Health Treatment Right for Teens


Troubled teens who suffer from mental health issues often exhibit a number of symptoms.

They might include various types of addiction, social anxiety, depression and more. However, knowing your teen needs help and knowing what kind of help to get them are two different things. So, how do you know really know what kind of counseling or therapy is best for them? While you may be able to narrow down the basics, no one really knows exactly how deep the problems go until their teen is in treatment. However, one thing you can count on is the fact that facilities which utilize a holistic approach to treatment have consistently shown to achieve more successful results. 

Why a Holistic Approach to Treatment has More Success 

Whether your teen is working through some sort of addiction or whether they need help with social anxiety or depression, a holistic approach to treating mental health problems gives teens more than one pathway to achieve their goals. This is primarily because while psychological counseling and psychiatric care is necessary, mental health is influenced by physiology and spirituality as well. When your teen is guided through multiple avenues of therapy, what once seemed so difficult becomes more natural: it helps teens build confidence in themselves and assists them in forming healthier thought processes and actions. 

Why is Holistic Therapy the Right Treatment for Teen Mental Health? 

Holistic therapy recognizes that mental health issues aren’t just “mental” problems. This is why programs which implement a holistic method apply a broad range of treatment options, all of which help your teen balance their body chemistry. It als helps them to re-train their thought processes, and form new, healthier habits and ways of thinking. This will include proper spending time in nature and physical activities, both of which help to reunite the mind, body and soul, but it may also include traditional psychological counseling and learning about proper nutrition. In fact, while some facilities focus solely on the psychological aspect of mental health, studies have indicated that proper nutrition has a huge impact on the frequency of depression in adolescents

As parents, you never really know what type of therapy will click with your teen and have the largest impact on their recovery, but holistic programs like the one at Elevations residential treatment center give your teen the best chance to mend themselves and heal. Focused on comprehensive medical care, troubled teens will not only experience the group, individual and family therapies they need, but they will get a top-notch education and participate in recreational activities, too. If your teen needs professional treatment, don’t wait. Elevations RTC can help.