How Does Personality-Based Intervention Reduce Teen Binge Drinking?

Elevations RTC utilizes a personality-based treatment intervention to help young teens, age 13-17 deal with many issues, including teen binge drinking. What exactly is personality-based intervention and why is it so effective? Let's take a look.

The Treatment

Personality-based treatment takes into account your teen's personality and the reasons behind their behavior. One teen may binge drink for peer approval because they have low self- esteem. Another might do so because they are bipolar and attempting to self-medicate. An individual who is shy or depressed is not only going to drink for a different reason than one who is a thrill seeker or defiant. Each teen needs treatment based on how their personality processes things and why they are indulging in adverse behavior.

Why It Works

Consider how parents need to discipline children who don't follow rules. One child may respond to a simple warning that disciplinary action will occur, yet another may need to be disciplined several times for the same offense. It has a lot to do with how a child responds to the world, why they are acting out and what their basic personality traits are. This carries over into teen and adult years. An adventurer will always be an adventurer and the quiet bookworm is most likely going to stay that way.

By taking into account the teen's basic personality, we let them know they are important. They aren't simply grouped into a category labeled "bad kid" but instead listened to, understood and taught to  respond to life more appropriately, but in a way that feels comfortable. 

Final Words

Your teen is an individual and needs to be part of a treatment program that sees the strengths in their individual personality. Being recognized as an individual and being given the tools to use that feel comfortable for that personality allows your teen to find the power within that is necessary to function appropriately within society. We give them those tools, and to learn aobut how we can help give us a call at: 855-290-9681