How The End Of Adolescence Can Feel Overwhelming

Adolescence can be a wonderful time of exploration and growth, but the end of adolescence can be extremely stressful and overwhelming for some teens, namely due to a few umbrella issues that impact teens today. Let's explore them:

Teen Depression

Teen depression is extremely common. It is typically during the adolescent years that one begins to feel overwhelmed with the pressures around them, like graduating high school, taking up a career, deciding which college to go to, and the like. It is a time when everything moves so quickly that the adolescent rarely knows which problems to address first, or how to address them at all.

Anxiety In TeensAnxiety

Anxiety and teen depression have a tendency to go hand in hand. Anxiety comes as a result of dealing with emotional overload and having no escape route for your tensions or anxieties. Many teens play music or sports or engage in other activities which provide outlets for the constant flow of emotional input with which they contend on a daily basis. 

Alcohol and Drug Addiction

Some teens, however, have more detrimental ideas about ways to cope. Anxiety and depression can both lead to and be spurred by the sudden introduction of drugs and alcohol into a teen's life. If your adolescent has begun to isolate, perhaps stays out too late with his friends and gives only vague indications of where he is, he may have a problem with substance abuse.

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