How to Handle Teenage Defiance and Rebellion

When a teen exhibits increasingly defiant and rebellious behaviors, he or she can benefit from the therapeutic interventions available at one of the leading residential treatment centers, Elevations. Raising a teenager is never easy, but it is even more challenging when they are constantly argumentative, disrespectful, and insolent. Fortunately, there are positive ways to address and change these problematic behaviors safely. The following examines less visible signs of rebellion and how it can affect a teen’s life, as well as what can be done to manage this behavior.

Signs of Defiance and Rebellion in Teens

While some signs are readily apparent, such as refusing to follow the rules and being blatantly disobedient, others are not. Additional signs of a rebellious teen include:

  • Deliberately behaving in a way meant to annoy others
  • Open hostility toward parents, other family members, and authority figures
  • Purposely destroying friendships and/ or relationships with family members
  • Blaming others
  • Refusing to negotiate or compromise
  • Seeking revenge or being spiteful, even for the smallest perceived infraction
  • Quitting activities he or she used to enjoy to spite others

The Effects of Defiant Behaviors

In addition to putting significant strain on the teen’s relationship with his or her family, it can also affect family member’s relationships with each other. Additionally, the teen may suffer from problems in educational settings, a lack of friendships, and/ or an inability to develop meaningful relationships, leading to social isolation that can follow him or her well into adulthood.

Managing Rebellious Behaviors in Teens

It is imperative that teens struggling with defiance and rebellion receive help before their problems and behaviors become so severe they cause lasting complications in their lives. Over 70% of teenagers who went through individual therapy showed a significant decrease in oppositional and defiant behaviors in list 4 months [1].

Parents can take solace in knowing that there are therapeutic interventions and treatment options that can effectively put an end to these unhealthy behaviors, allowing teens to move on in a positive direction with their life.

How Can Elevations Help a Defiant Teen?

At Elevations, we recognize that troubled teenagers benefit from a tailored treatment plan in a structured, yet nurturing therapeutic setting. As one of the top treatments centers for teens struggling with defiant and rebellious behaviors, we develop a treatment plan that meets each teen’s specific needs and is aimed at resolving the conflicts that are impairing his or relationships with others. To do this, we employ a variety of proven therapeutic interventions that are necessary for a teen to make and maintain positive changes in their life.