Negative Influence: Sidestep Your Teens Lousy Friends With 5 Simple Ideas


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Everyone can benefit from being socially involved in life, especially teenagers. Interacting with peers, attending social events, and just striving to be more socially interactive are just a few ways someone can be involved in the world around them. This is especially important for teens as it helps build self-esteem and confidence. Being socially interactive will also help broaden your teen's perspective and help them make friends, enhancing their quality of life. There are many different ways to encourage your teenager to develop friendships in his/her life. Here is a brief list of 5 ways to encourage positive teen friendships:

5. Getting Your Teenager Involved Getting involved is the number one way your teenager can make new friends. It is the means by which he/she can meet new people and potentially make lifelong friends. Youth groups, and activities in school, community, and/or church are excellent ways to get your teen involved and interactive. It is important to remind your teen that it may take time and effort to gain new friends. teen lousy friends getting involved                  

4. Becoming Involved With Your Teen  As a parent, it is extremely important to have constant involvement in your teen's life. Knowing you are available to talk to and that you genuinely care will give your child a sense of security. Talk to them about their developing friendships. Ask them about their social activities and promote social interaction. family, teen peers, friends                  


3. Is Your Home a Welcome Place? Encourage your teen to invite his/her friends over to your home. This is where you, as a parent, may need to interact with other parents. This will also give you an opportunity to lead by example. By opening up your home for social events, you will encourage your teen to develop relationships—especially if they are shy to leave the home. lousy friends, making friends, parents, treatment                  


2. Parents Play a Major Role As parents, you have the power to affect your teenager's social life greatly. Not only by opening up your house as a social gathering place, but also by offering to drive your teen to social events and friend's houses or offering to pick up a friend to bring them to your house. This gives little excuses for not being able to spend time with friends. family activity, peers, relationships                  


1. Letting Them Work it out You should always remind your teenager that all relationships have their ups and downs. There is no "perfect" friendship. But it is important to teach them to stick with it through thick and thin. If your teen is having a disagreement with a friend, don't immediately jump in and try to resolve the issue. Let them work it out on their own, only giving advice if necessary. plan events, social, family, teens