Ooops! I Did Not Know That Teen Depression Even Existed

Adults have a lot of pressure on them along with a host of responsibilities. It's only natural for depression to settle in on occasion. But it's not something you ever expected your teen to face. In fact, you may not have even realized that teen depression existed. Teens face their own range of pressures from hormones to school and how they fit into the world. With all that uncertainty, some teens find themselves depressed enough to need help. Teen depression can be as simple as occasional moodiness or a serious health problem that affects every day life. The good news is depression is treatable and with the right support, teens can get back on track.

 Teen Depression: Signs and Symptoms

When adults are depressed, they often seek help on their own, but teens rely on parents and teachers to recognize when they need help. If you have a teen in your life, watch for the following signs and symptoms:




-Loss of interest in activities

-Poor schoolwork

-Too much or too little sleep

-Over or under eating

-Easy agitation

-Lack of energy

-Aches and pains

-Lack of motivation

How to Help

If you think your teen is depressed to any degree, it can be damaging if left untreated. There are a number of things you can do to help your teen through this time in a loving and non-judgmental way. Here are a few tips to help.

1. Don't Ignore it

The worst thing you can do is ignore the issue and hope that it goes away. Focus on listening to your teen and be gentle, but persistent in pursing help. Trust your gut, but acknowledge their feelings as well.

2. Encourage Social Outings

Make sure your teen isn't isolating himself form others and try to get him involved in school sports of clubs so he is around other, happy teens. Promote activities he used to enjoy.

3. Focus on Physical Health

Make sure your teen is eating in a healthy manner and getting enough sleep. Neglecting the physical elements of his body can make the depression worse.

4. Seek Care

If your teen's depression is hard for you and him to deal with, you might want to seek residential treatment care at Elevations RTC. Each individual gets personalized care based on their needs to get them back on their feet and on the road to success. 855-290-9681