Recognizing Teen Depression Signs And Getting Help

When your teen shows sudden changes, you may attribute them to regular teenage hormones. But teen depression is on the rise and it is important for you to recognize the signs in case your teen is in trouble. Teenagers face a host of pressure in today's society and teen depression can be very dangerous.

Some teenagers fall into a depression so severe that they need serious help from residential treatment centers like Elevations RTC. Here are a few of the signs and symptoms of teen depression to watch for in your child.


Teenagers are going to be broody and sad at times no matter what's going on in their life, but if their sadness seems to take the driver's seat more often than not and they have an element of hopelessness to go along with it, they might be in danger.


Does your teenager get angry often and is she irritated easily? She might even appear hostile on a regular basis. These are signs of depression in a teen.


Teenagers are emotional, but if your teen is crying on a frequent basis for small reasons or without any reason at all, depression might be the cause.

Change In Interests

If your teen is suddenly no longer interested in past favorite activities or if she is showing a poor performance in school, she might be depressed. She will show a lack of motivation and she will no longer be enthusiastic about anything.

Suicidal Statements

Any time your teen says anything about death or suicide, you need to take her seriously. Depression may be causing these thoughts and you need to act.

 Teen depression is different than depression in adults. When parents are in crisis, they can seek help. Teens, however, rely on adults to guide them towards support and relief. If your teen is suffering from depression or other ailments that can hit teens hard, contact Elevations RTC today.

Elevations is an educational program that allows teens to get the help they need to deal with teen depression. This leading treatment center builds confidence and resiliency in each teen on an individual level. Teens are able to reconnect with their life in a positive manner while receiving the daily therapy they need to cope with teen depression. Look into details on the various programs Elevations RTC has to offer today. Your teen's life is too precious to wait. Toll Free:855-290-9681