Researchers Find Genetic Markers That Influence Addiction

The human brain and genome is a complicated and often mysterious entity. Even after years of study, researchers continue to uncover new subtleties that can cause vast differences from individual to individual. A recently published University of Michigan study has found evidence of a link between genetic markers and the propensity for addiction. Simply put, your DNA may indicate whether or not you are predisposed to developing an addiction.

Becoming Addicted Could Be Genetic

If you have been at your wit’s end wondering why your teen struggles with drugs or alcohol, it is comforting to know that their issues may be unrelated to anything you may or may not have done. It is easy to blame yourself and wonder why when your children are battling something you don’t fully comprehend. However, these exciting new research studies are providing hope for better and more effective treatments teens struggling with and coping with addiction.   

Research Has Revealed New Treatments

Treatment ResearchUnderstanding the connection between genetic markers and addictive behavior will hopefully allow for the development of more specific treatments targeting the underlying causes of the problem. This is good news for many families fighting to help teens overcome these issues.

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