Should I Take Action When My Teen Has Friends Of Which I Don't Approve?

Most every parent is faced with this question at some point in their child's teen years. Every parent wants their child to have a happy, healthy social life, but teens are not always the best judges when it comes to deciding on friends. So, what should a parent do when they find their teen has truly made a bad friendship choice? The answer to this question is not so easy to come by. If a parent pushes too hard, they could further push their child towards the unwanted friend. If they do not get involved at all, the friendship could create a stronger hold on the child. Elevations RTC understands the dilemma parents face when it comes to dealing with inappropriate friendships and we want to help parents keep their sanity as they try to resolve the issue.

Parents Need to Ask Themselves Why They Do Not Like Their Kid's Friends


Before a parent even broaches the subject with their child, it behooves them to sit down and really think about the reasons they do not like the friend. If it is simply a personality flaw, a parent may want to reconsider revealing their dislike. If the friend is truly a bad influence, a parent may have no choice but to intervene. There are three basic choices when it comes to intervention. A parent can simply inform their child of the concerns they have, they can warn their child of the dangers of being friends with this person, or they can ban their child from being friends.

A parent should never jump in and immediately begin bad­mouthing the friend. When parents do this, that little voice of rebellion kicks in and a teen will grow ever­closer to the one their parents dislike. Instead of revealing their feelings right away, it is best for parents to talk with their teen about what they see in their friend and why they like them. This opens up the lines of communication in a non­threatening way.

If The Friends of Your Teen's Are Consuming Alcohol and Drugs, Separation is Key


If a parent truly has factual information that a friend is causing a bad influence, they must intervene. A teen may become angry over the issue but they will later (most likely much later) see it was for their good. If a teen's friends have influenced them to begin experimenting with drugs and alcohol or other negative behaviors, it may be time to seek therapy to get to the root of the problem before serious repercussions occur.

At Elevations RTC, we help troubled teens overcome their limitations and the negative influence of peers. We provide them with enriching educational experiences, comprehensive therapy, and physical activity that awakens their body, mind, and soul. As they progress through the five peaks of our program, they learn to overcome their mental and emotional health constraints and live healthy, well­adjusted lives. Teens graduate from our program ready to face life and live it to the fullest.