Social Anxiety Can Hinder Treatment In Teens: How to Address It?


If you have a troubled teen suffering from any kind of addiction problem, you know they need help.

What if your teenager has trouble communicating, too? If this sounds familiar, it may be because they are suffering from social anxiety – and if they are, getting proper treatment for addiction may be a little more complicated. Teens who live with social anxiety harbor tremendous fear, and they require specialized therapy and counseling in order to make their treatment successful. 

Why Social Anxiety is Such a Huge Problem  

Adolescents already have so many changes going on in their lives, that when they exhibit signs of anxiety, parents often view it as a normal part of their path to adulthood – but that’s not always the case. Social anxiety is a little different, and in a world where teens define themselves by their social relationships, social phobia can be extremely damaging - even emotionally crippling. 

The fear of interacting and being judged by others can bring on serious self-confidence problems and breed feelings of humiliation, embarrassment, and inadequacy. It can also lead to depression and avoidance behavior, and it considered a co-occurring condition when addressed with addiction. All considered, it can definitely make traditional treatments that much more challenging. 

How to Address Social Anxiety in Your Teen 

What a teenager craves most is reassurance when they are living with social phobia. They want to know that everything is going to be “OK.” Unfortunately, their obsessive thoughts ultimately consume them, and telling them everything is fine is never enough. This is why many teens end up turning to drugs or alcohol as a coping mechanism for their social anxiety, and since are already having a very difficult time interacting with others, professional therapy or counseling ends up being the only effective method of help. 

As a parent, you have to remember that as much as you may offer them reassurance or encourage them to face their fears head on, their fears and phobias in social situations are very big, and very real. It affects teens both physically and mentally, and if your teen has symptoms of social anxiety, then you need to find a treatment center that can work with your teen individually. The program must treat both the addiction and the social phobia simultaneously. Elevations residential treatment center can do that. 

At Elevations RTC, your teen can get both the psychiatric care and addiction treatment they need. With a complete therapeutic program designed to re-build your teen’s self-worth, not only will they beat the substances that are plaguing them, but they will learn to overcome their fears and feel good about themselves again. Every minute you wait is time away from healing. Isn’t it time you got them the help they need? 



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