Teenage Depression | Therapeutic Treatments That Can Help

It's no secret: being a teenager in today's society is difficult. With the added pressures of society's standards for teens to live by, today's adolescents face a difficult time of transition.

With physical changes, raging hormones, and new stresses inherent to the teenage life, it's not surprising that millions of teens suffer from severe depression. What's worse? A significant portion of these depressed teens are either misdiagnosed, underdiagnosed, or misunderstood, causing millions of depressed teens to feel as if they are alone in their struggles.

Moreover, it is critical for parents of depressed teens to support their child by seeking the necessary therapeutic treatment their emotionally suffering teen so desperately needs. Below is a list of prospective and proven therapies designed to treat teenage depression effectively.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is used to treat moderate depression. Usually used in conjunction with medication, CBT is a popular choice among parents of depressed children. This type of treatment usually requires 4 - 6 weeks of treatment before a therapist can conclude whether or not a teen is a viable candidate for continuous CBT therapies.

Anti-depressants and Other Medications

Medication is typically not the first solution parents consider for their child. The decision to use medication should only be decided upon after a full diagnosis and the recommendation from a therapeutic professional. Typically, cognitive behavioral therapy is used in conjunction with medications to provide well-rounded care. However, taking medication is usually temporary and not a life-long commitment for teens. Generally speaking, after about after six months to one year the patient is reevaluated and, if their progress has yielded effective enough positive results, the child can be weaned off their prescription entirely.

Residential Treatment

If a child suffers from severe depression that otherwise cannot be treated, then it is necessary to find a Residential treatment facility regarding therapeutic restoration. While there are many forms of treatment programs for troubled teens, there are only a select few that provide expert therapeutic analysis and treatment for depressed teenagers. With that in mind, parents should seek therapeutic support from a treatment facility, like that of Elevations RTC, which offers academic restoration, clinical therapy, as well as life skills development for depressed teens.

While teenage depression is a serious issue, it is an illness that can be managed. With proper diagnosis, therapy, and support, a depressed teenage boy or girl is one treatment away from full recovery. If you are a parent looking for treatment for your depressed teenage son or daughter, please call us 855-290-9681.