The Biggest Lies About ADHD

There are many myths that surround ADHD, the effects it has on individuals and treatment that works. Here's a closer look at this condition and its common misconceptions.

ADHD Is Not An Actual Disorder

ADHD is in fact an actual disorder. It is a mental disorder. It features a strong biological component like many other mental illnesses. Sometimes the biological components are inherited.

 Only Children Can Develop ADHD

One popular myth regarding ADHD is that it only occurs in children. Many people believe children outgrow this mental illness as they age, but they do not. Children who have this condition still struggle with the disorder in adulthood. The symptoms may appear to be different, but ADHD does not disappear after an individual reaches a certain age. 

Medications Prescribed As Treatment Lead To Addiction

A lot of people are under the impression that many of the medications prescribed as treatment for ADHD leads to addiction. There has not been any proof suggesting there is any truth to this assumption. Medications that are prescribed for this condition decrease the effect of debilitating symptoms. In fact, individuals who suffer from ADHD have lower incidents with substances abuse than people who do not suffer from this condition. 

Everyone Has Some Form Of ADHD

Truth VS LiesIt's a fact that everyone has encountered a time where they get distracted by something or someone, but this does not mean they suffer from ADHD. People may even get overwhelmed at times, but this is not a guarantee that a person suffers from the condition. People get sidetracked all the time. The difference between individuals who suffer from ADHD and those who do not is that people who suffer from this condition experience distractions, the sense of being overwhelmed and getting sidetracked at least 10 times worse than a person who does not suffer from ADHD. Persons who suffer from ADHD experience these instances more frequently than a person who does not suffer from this illness. 

ADHD Is Not A Big Deal

People who do not suffer from this illness often believe it is not a big deal to cope with or understand. This is extremely far from the truth. People who suffer from ADHD have difficulty performing simple and basic daily tasks on an everyday basis. Something as simple as paying bills on time or being involved in a romantic relationship can be stressful for someone who has ADHD.