About Elevations RTC

What is Elevations RTC?

Elevations RTC is one of the leading programs for struggling teens in the United States. In today’s therapeutic settings, Elevations is unique because:

We have intentional facilities, with a campus specifically designed to build a therapeutic community.
We accept students of all genders, which represents what students would find in a“real world” environment and important for students to practice while still in our safe, supportive environment.
We have high quality of care standards, which are reflected in our strong accreditation’s, comprehensive medical/psych on staff, and our team-based approach.

A Normalizing Experience

Unlike other programs for struggling teens, Elevations Residential Treatment Center offers an inclusive community environment that mirrors what teens experience in the real world.

Instead of separating genders in classroom and therapeutic settings, Elevations RTC seeks to demystify interactions with students of other genders. Students attend class, go to lunch, and share in on and off campus activities with students of other genders every single day. This is the real world, why not experience it in our therapeutic environment?

We want our students to explore and build healthier relationships with members of other genders, as well as school and authority figures. In other programs for struggling teens or therapeutic boarding schools that are single-gendered, students are not able to learn how to comfortably and respectfully interact with members of all genders. We believe it is most useful to practice and build these skills together in a safe, supportive, and nurturing environment rather than risk adjusting to “the real world” when students return home.


Elevations RTC Quick Facts

Leading RTC Accreditations
Inclusive of All Genders
Ages 13 – 18
Comprehensive Medical / Psych
Community-based Approach
Fun, Experiential
Accredited Academics
Real-World Setting

A safe campus, intentionally built for student success.

Our campus was built specifically for the programming at Elevations RTC. It’s intentionally designed to provide the most nurturing, safe therapeutic environment possible.

While other programs for struggling teens have a modified large home serving single genders, it is our strong belief that a purposely built campus in a all gender program offers the most normalized setting. We utilize a traditional academic space which includes a cafeteria, as well as daily work outs to normalize the experience for our students.

With a focus aimed exclusively at adolescents ages 13 – 18, we are able to provide a unique combination of intensive psychiatric treatment and personalized care. We offer specialized clinical groups to address specific problems, accredited academics to ensure your teen can graduate on time, and experiential education opportunities to build confidence and resiliency.

All of this takes place in a medically sophisticated environment designed to help students acquire the emotional maturity and proactive mindset they need to regain their self-confidence and reconnect with their life.

From depression, defiance, school refusal, immaturity, and technology addiction, Elevations RTC has helped teens build a brighter future.

Our Program

The Elevations 5 Peaks

The 5 Peaks of Elevations are the 5 focal points of our program from which we use to differentiate ourselves. Learn more about our 5 core values…

Our Team


Our accreditations and licenses reflect our commitment to providing the highest level of care possible for students. Click here to learn more!


Our Success Stories

We have had the opportunity to touch the lives of many families here. Read about some of our stories of success!

The 5 Peaks of Elevations


Peak 1: Relationship Model

Every aspect of Elevations is driven by a relationship model where we seek to repair family and peer relationships.


Peak 2 : Therapeutic

Elevations provides a highly professional, therapeutic program which is supported by our accredited staff.


PEAK 3 : Engaging

Elevations offers amazing opportunities for students to experience clinically supported adventure therapy.

4 peak

PEAK 4 : Valuable

At Elevations, we know that there is no price that you can put on the success and happiness of your child.


Peak 5 : Future Oriented

At Elevations, we can help your teen find their success for college and beyond.