Elevations Stories of Success for Troubled Teens

Elevations has helped hundreds of struggling or struggling teens rebuild their relationship with their families. With a sophisticated all gender inclusive relationship model we can help students get on the right track for a brighter future. Below are a few of student stories showing how struggling teens have achieved success . Read more to find out how Elevations has helped them!

From A Student’s Perspective…

“Academics has become one of my favorite parts of my life.” You won’t hear those words spoken by many struggling teens, but for Andrew, Elevations RTC has helped him to see the value of being dedicated in the classroom. When asked what at Elevations has helped him to realize this, Andrew Replied, “All of the teachers are so helpful. Beyond that though, they really hold you accountable for your work.” Andrew continued, “I used to miss assignments, and was having trouble passing classes, but now I’m on course to graduate and looking forward to college.”

– Andrew, Graduate

“I’ve had some amazing mentors.” Patrick continued, “I’ve achieved more in the class room than I ever have before, I’ve learned so much from the teachers here.” At Elevations RTC, the learning doesn’t stop in the classroom. Elevations offers a robust Recreation Program for struggling and struggling teens as well. “My favorite part of the Elevations is the Recreation Program mostly because John [Head of Recreation Program] is an amazing guy.”

– Patrick, Graduate

“I have been at Elevations for four and a half months and before this I had been to four different treatment programs, all of them were ‘Girls Only’” commented Sarah comparing previous struggling teens treatment to Elevations, “Part of my success at Elevations comes from the gender inclusive aspect of the program. Elevations being accepting of all-genders and the level system here allows me to have more freedom, like I am working towards something.”

– Sarah, Student

Elevations Program Overview Video

Elevations RTC helps families from all over the country. Take a look at what parents and students have to say about our program.


From a Parent’s Perspective

“No words could ever describe what Elevations has meant to our family,” commented a parent about her struggling teen, “Elevations gave us the coping tools to become a more unified family. Everyone served as faithful and positive mentors and friends to our son, even in the most trying times.”

-Doreen, Parent

“The teachers were awesome to work with him” Holly mentioned about her formerly struggling teen, “He entered the school pledging he would never go to school again but they were patient with him and helped him gain back his confidence in his educational abilities. He is about to finish his first quarter at the regular public high school with A’s and B’s. We never believed that could happen and the teachers at Elevations deserve the credit. ”

– Holly, Parent

“I will forever be grateful to Elevations for giving me back my daughter,” commented a parent about her struggling teen, “She is back in school, living a very productive and happy life. She has a fabulous support system that includes many of her friends from Elevations that hold each other accountable”.

– Sandy, Parent

“My daughter spent eight months at Elevations and overcame many challenges with the help of an amazing therapist and a supportive environment. She struggled to find motivation when she arrived and even when she tried to give up, the staff continued to encourage her. Once she began to work toward her levels, she learned to open up and create healthy relationships with both staff and students. She became a program peer mentor, which is something she never thought she would be able to achieve. School was challenging, and the teachers were willing to provide additional help so she could stay caught up in her classes. The recreation program helped introduce her to rock climbing and hiking which have become strong passions of hers. Along with this, she gained self confidence and reasons to look forward to the future.”

-Scott, Parent

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The 5 Peaks of Elevations are the 5 focal points of our program from which we use to differentiate ourselves. Learn more about our 5 core values…

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Elevations Reviews

I am very happy that we found Elevations RTC and our daughter has worked hard to deal with her condition and does so much more effectively than before. Thank you!


Throughout our experience at Elevations and now continuing with the Approach, we experienced the therapy/help to be focused on our son’s needs taking into account prior history as well as progress made.


Matt Seelos has been terrific. Our son appeared to trust him and open up to him. He was great at helping us navigate many of the family communication and trust issues that arose.


Strengths of the program are the therapeutic, residential and medical staff, along with solid academic program and a good process for communication amongst these teams, are the DBT framework and positive peer mentoring, and all gender inclusive environment.


Great supportive teachers! Especially, Jon Kortman, Peggy Dopp and Jen Capellen. We really appreciate their honest feedback and support with our son. Jon was instrumental in providing timely information to our IEP team at home to help with our son’s transition back to his home school.


My daughter spent eight months at elevations and overcame many challenges with the help of an amazing therapist and a supportive environment.

Scott M.

Success began with a safe environment. The Elevations staff was nurturing and supportive. The therapeutic team at Elevations was patient, determined and caring. My daughter found both support and challenge from the positive peer culture and team process.

Janda E.

Our son had a wonderful experience at Elevations.  This program follows through on what it promises.  The staff is excellent.


It was a great nurturing environment. She really loved the staff and would go to them if she was struggling or needed help, advice, or just to talk.

Deann C.

This was the fourth placement for our son. It was the only one where he finally became stable. We could not have asked for a better outcome at this time!


I will forever be grateful to Elevations for giving me back my daughter. She is back living a productive and healthy life.  Elevations provided her the ability to hold herself accountable for her own future.


We have our child back. Keep up the good work!


Our son had a wonderful experience at Elevations.  This program follows through on what it promises. The staff is excellent.


The 5 Peaks of Elevations


Peak 1: Relationship Model

Every aspect of Elevations is driven by a relationship model where we seek to repair family and peer relationships.


Peak 2 : Therapeutic

Elevations provides a highly professional, therapeutic program which is supported by our accredited staff.


PEAK 3 : Engaging

Elevations offers amazing opportunities for students to experience clinically supported adventure therapy.

4 peak

PEAK 4 : Valuable

At Elevations, we know that there is no price that you can put on the success and happiness of your child.


Peak 5 : Future Oriented

At Elevations, we can help your teen find their success for college and beyond.