Personalized, Effective & Normalized School Experience

How Therapeutic Boarding Schools Help Your Child Reach Their Full Potential


We provide an academic program that is on par with the top therapeutic boarding schools and we are devoted to providing student the most comprehensive, personalized, and realistic academic setting possible. Many of our students are underachieving, refusing school, or lost socially and academically in the school environment.

Ignoring or under-committing to academics in a residential setting would seriously damage our ability to help students therapeutically. That’s why we are committed to giving our students the best academic experience possible by focusing on the academic aspects which therapeutic boarding schools offer. We accomplish this by provide the following:

  • Superior academic facilities specifically designed to be classrooms, not rooms that double as clinical meetings or offices.
  • Accredited teachers who provide instruction and feedback in person, not self-directed online courses
  • Typical school experience, with diverse offerings in a real-world, gender inclusive educational environment.

Academic Setting Encourages Growth

  • Normalized setting with students of all genders
  • School building for traditional school feel
  • Licensed teachers with formal training on teaching skills
  • In-depth personal student support
  • Accredited, college preparatory academics

Real-world school environment


Individualized encouragement and assistance


Varied and effective curriculum


Advisors who guide student success

Though Elevations is a residential treatment center, their academic focus is much more in line with high end therapeutic boarding schools. Each student has a team teacher who guides the student through the academic framework at Elevations. This adviser works closely with the student to work on study skills, assure completion of homework, choose curriculum, set goals, and most importantly creates a positive relationship in and out of classroom to facilitate academic success that other therapeutic boarding schools don’t often provide.

The team teacher is an integral component in the treatment team. This teacher participates in a treatment team meeting once a week and informs the therapist, psychiatrist, recreational specialist, and medical staff specific educational concerns or successes. We feel this is one aspect that helps to separate Elevations academic program from other therapeutic boarding schools.


Elevations Reviews

I am very happy that we found Elevations RTC and our daughter has worked hard to deal with her condition and does so much more effectively than before. Thank you!


Throughout our experience at Elevations and now continuing with the Approach, we experienced the therapy/help to be focused on our son’s needs taking into account prior history as well as progress made.


Matt Seelos has been terrific. Our son appeared to trust him and open up to him. He was great at helping us navigate many of the family communication and trust issues that arose.


Strengths of the program are the therapeutic, residential and medical staff, along with solid academic program and a good process for communication amongst these teams, are the DBT framework and positive peer mentoring, and all gender inclusive environment.


Great supportive teachers! Especially, Jon Kortman, Peggy Dopp and Jen Capellen. We really appreciate their honest feedback and support with our son. Jon was instrumental in providing timely information to our IEP team at home to help with our son’s transition back to his home school.


My daughter spent eight months at elevations and overcame many challenges with the help of an amazing therapist and a supportive environment.

Scott M.

Success began with a safe environment. The Elevations staff was nurturing and supportive. The therapeutic team at Elevations was patient, determined and caring. My daughter found both support and challenge from the positive peer culture and team process.

Janda E.

Our son had a wonderful experience at Elevations.  This program follows through on what it promises.  The staff is excellent.


It was a great nurturing environment. She really loved the staff and would go to them if she was struggling or needed help, advice, or just to talk.

Deann C.

This was the fourth placement for our son. It was the only one where he finally became stable. We could not have asked for a better outcome at this time!


I will forever be grateful to Elevations for giving me back my daughter. She is back living a productive and healthy life.  Elevations provided her the ability to hold herself accountable for her own future.


We have our child back. Keep up the good work!


Our son had a wonderful experience at Elevations.  This program follows through on what it promises. The staff is excellent.