Academic Support

Academic Support To Foster Success

At Elevations RTC, we know that without consistent support and encouragement, students can’t reach their highest academic potential which is why we offer mental health residential treatment.

Upon entering Elevations each student is given a comprehensive evaluation to identify their most effective learning style, strengths, and barriers in education. Combining this assessment with mental health residential treatment and a student’s educational history an individual academic treatment plan is formulated and supported by the student’s academic advisor. Goals and objectives are made to target and build upon strengths and confront any concerns.

Elevations RTC teaches students practical study skills which will empower them to succeed in education long after leaving mental health residential treatment. We teach critical thinking, organization, note-taking, setting goals and monitoring progress, recognizing priorities, maximizing use of time, discovering confidence, and envisioning success.

Our academic program is completely integrated with our therapeutic and clinical programs. Our multidisciplinary team works closely together to make sure your teen’s personalized academic objective meets their clinical and therapeutic needs while in mental health residential treatment.

Additional Support through Study Hall and SAT Prep

We expect all students to participate in a study hall program on the weeknights and weekends, in addition to traditional school hours. This provides students with the opportunity to get help from trained professionals while they are working on homework and studying for tests after the school day is over.

Many of our students are preparing to enter college after they graduate. We do SAT prep and testing on-sight as a certified SAT test center. We can provide to 1:1 SAT tutoring as well. Plus, our English teacher provides one-on-one assistance with common application admissions essays.

For students who need extra guidance through school, Elevations RTC offers a special education option with a certified special education teacher.



“He learned to be vulnerable and take accountability for his behavior. His  graduation ceremony was particularly powerful. I was able to hear feedback from staff and peers who really got to know him and value him for who he is. It was such a rare pleasure to hear how he touched other people’s lives in such a positive way and to know that he made so many important changes in himself.”

– Parent of Elevations Graduate