Elevations RTC Offers Hope to Families


In a time of fear and uncertainty, Elevations offers hope for teen boys and girls…and their families back home.

Elevations, one of the best residential treatment centers for teens, is uniquely focused on providing a premier co-ed residential therapeutic experience for ages 13 – 18. We help our students re engage, reconnect, and rebuild their hope and confidence in their bright future.

What Makes Elevations Special?

It starts with the people.  When visitors come to campus they feel a connection and comfort.  It feels like family—with the staff, with the students, and the families back home. We welcome and encourage that connection in order to turn that concern about our teens into inspiration.


Elevations carefully reviews every application to ensure we are the right fit for the student and the family.

We encourage families to complete the application as a first step in determining if Elevations is the right placement and to make sure we have space available for the student.


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Elevations RTC

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Specifically designed in programming and facilities to serve the unique and sometimes complex needs of our students.

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Real world with a co-ed environment that normalizes all relationships and eases transitions after a student’s time at Elevations is complete. This helps improve outcomes.

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Academically strong and diverse, with college preparatory curriculum, tutoring, mentoring, plus elective offerings like health and renowned art programming.

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Medically and therapeutically sophisticated with board certified medical doctor, plus 24/7 nurse, and psychiatrist on staff.

The Goal at Elevations

The main goal of Elevations RTC is to help teens develop an understanding that there are solutions to the struggles that complicate their lives. Through a proven model, our therapeutic care is provided in the most holistic, impassioned way possible.

We find that teens who have clinical issues such as mood and behavioral dysregulation, substance use, and difficulties at home/school, find success and recovery in our nurturing, pro-social environment.

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From there, we can learn more about your child and how
Elevations can help your child find success.