Altering Fear of Losing Control Could Further Treatment for Anxiety Disorders

In the treatment for anxiety disorders, handling fear and its hold over us is a huge part of the process. But what is the fear rooted in? A new study delved into the relationship between fear and anxiety disorders like Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD).

They found that while the upfront fear driving someone to check that they locked the door 20 times may be that they’re afraid of someone breaking in–the underlying fear has to do with losing control.

Losing control and anxiety

treatment for anxiety disordersConcordia University recently released new research that could aid in treatment for anxiety disorders. The research concerns how the fear of losing control over actions and thoughts feeds into OCD symptoms, such as checking that the door is locked ten times.

Adam Radomsky, one of the researchers, described why this study could aid in the treatment for anxiety disorders:

“We’ve shown that people who believe they’re going to lose control are significantly more likely to exhibit checking behaviour with greater frequency. So, when we treat OCD in the clinic, we can try to reduce their beliefs about losing control and that should reduce their symptoms.”

The researchers believe many anxiety-based disorders deal with an underlying fear of losing control. More studies need to be conducted, but they’re optimistic about the relationship between the two.

Understanding the main drivers of anxiety disorders helps us provide better prevention and treatment.

What to do when anxiety is getting in the way of your child’s life

There’s a regular level of anxiety and there’s a destructive level of anxiety. Regular anxiety is stress about big things, such as an upcoming exam. Anxiety disorders produce an unnatural amount of stress over everyday things that shouldn’t cause stress, such as speaking on the phone or going to school.

This level of anxiety gets in the way of daily life. It disrupts learning, connecting with others, and progress. When it gets to this point, you must reach out to a professional for guidance. Hoping the issue remedies itself with time often leads to negative outcomes. Help is available, don’t be afraid to seek it.

Elevations offers treatment for anxiety disorders in teens

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