“Academics has become one of my favorite parts of my life.” You won’t hear those words spoken by many teenagers, but for Andrew, Elevations RTC has helped him to see the value of being dedicated in the classroom.

When asked what at Elevations has helped him to realize this, Andrew Replied, “All of the teachers are so helpful. Beyond that though, they really hold you accountable for your work.”

Andrew continued, “I used to miss assignments, and was having trouble passing classes, but now I’m on course to graduate and looking forward to college.”

Aspiring to attend NYU, Andrew is more focused than ever on his schoolwork and feels as though the staff at Elevations has provided the atmosphere to achieve.

“Our Dean of Students has really made the biggest impact on my life. Not only does she hold me accountable for my work, she is also exceptionally good at providing support both emotionally and in an academic role.”

While at Elevations, it’s clear to see that Andrew has embraced learning, but in some ways he has become a teacher, too.

“If I could give any advice to parents out there, I would tell them to not be afraid. Don’t be afraid to find help for your teen, it could be the most positive change in their life.”

He also had a word for teens as well. “For those who are in my shoes, I urge you to be patient and embrace the process. There’s nothing more valuable than getting the help you need. It could be 5 months or it could be 2 years, but one day it will click and you will understand how special this is.”

Andrew has been at Elevations RTC for 13 months and is on path to graduate high school and attend college. He wholeheartedly thanks his parents for this opportunity. “I never thought I would be this thankful to my mom and dad, but being here has changed my life. I feel so indebted to them.”

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