Therapeutic Boarding Schools For Troubled Teens

Therapeutic Boarding Schools For Troubled Teens

Elevations RTC - Adolescent female reading at therapeutic boarding school for struggling youthElevations RTC is a leading Therapeutic Boarding School assisting troubled teens in their struggles with substance use and addiction, learning disorders, and a variety of mental, emotional, or behavioral health issues. Our residential treatment facility is focused on providing comprehensive recovery for all at-risk teens, which includes not just clinical care, but also the academic development that is so vital during an adolescent’s growing years. We help teens from all across the Country.

Therapeutic boarding schools, also known as emotional growth schools, recognize that there are varying stages of need for troubled teens. They often incorporate the principles of AA for those with addiction, assist with varying forms of therapy for those struggling with depression or anxiety, and help those with learning disabilities work through them so they can gain both success and confidence in both the present and the future. Also, therapeutic boarding schools take deliberate care in providing the emotional support and treatment each of their students in an effort to build self-confidence, bolster self-esteem, encourage effective communication, and ensure a long-lasting recovery.

Unlike some residential care facilities who cater to the troubled teens in the 13 to 17 year age range, Elevations RTC features a fully accredited “real school,” allowing students to experience the benefits of both a residential treatment center and a comprehensive academic program. We recognize the relationship between a student’s self-esteem and academic achievement. Therefore, in contrast to residential treatment centers which rank academic curriculums as merely a secondary need, Elevations RTC places academic growth in a position of equal importance, distinguishing it as a fundamental portion the development of critical life skills and a student’s path toward recovery.

It is virtually impossible for parents of troubled teens to assess which type of therapeutic treatment is best for their child, but whether teenagers are have been exhibiting the signs of drug and alcohol use, low self-esteem, poor choices of their friends, anger issues, depression, defiance or any other type of conflict or discord, Elevations RTC is available to help.

Our professional staff is available now to answer questions parents may have, as well as offer guidance regarding their teen’s health and recovery. Call (855) 290-9681 today!

Residential Therapeutic Boarding Schools

Residential Therapeutic Boarding Schools are an excellent alternative to residential treatment centers that provide a more directed focus on the clinical side of therapy, rather than balancing a holistic recovery approach. Elevations RTC - Depressed adolescent recovering from addiction at treatment center for youthTroubled teens with substance use and addiction problems, learning disorders, and other mental and behavioral health issues often find longer-lasting results when their treatment is coupled with a more realistic “outside” environment – one that can provide both therapeutic care as well as encourage academic growth that will transfer to life after boarding school and the initial recovery period. Elevations RTC offers such an environment, and they take it a step further.

Elevations RTC recognized that the dynamics of addiction, learning disabilities, and mental health issues naturally lend themselves to the presence of co-occurring disorders – many of which result in academic underachievement. That’s why when considering which type of residential treatment center for a parent to place their troubled teens, it’s important to note that multiple studies have shown that social and emotional learning is directly correlated to academic achievement in adolescents. This makes a strong argument for coupling academics with social and emotional learning, as they all work together to accomplish success not only in basic life tasks, but also within the complicated confines of an adolescent’s growth and development.

Co-Ed Therapeutic Boarding Schools

The treatment that Residential Therapeutic Boarding Schools offer is dependent on the individual student’s needs, but the overall objective remains the same: to bolster emotional strength, grow self-esteem, help students develop critical life skills, stabilize and manage any mental health concerns, and encourage the kind of intellectual development which can provide a solid base for a struggling teen’s future. Through their evidenced-based treatment, Elevations RTC implements a complete, holistic approach toward therapy, and they believe that every troubled teen can find peace, recovery, and clear, healthy path for their future.

Emotional Growth Boarding Schools

Elevations RTC - Happy teens recovering from drug use at treatment center for youthStudents that enroll at Elevations RTC are given lessons to assist with their mental and emotional growth. We make sure that our teen students acquire the life skills they need in order to move forward in a successful way. With the guidance from our teachers, therapists, and counselors, each teen will learn to implement their newly acquired skills in their own lives. With these aforementioned skills, your child will understand how to be assertive, respectful, and empathetic toward family and friends.. as well as with themselves. Here, each teen not only learns how to live independently, but also how to manage their emotions in a mature and useful way.

The Elevationsfamily advocates have a considerable amount experience, and identifies with what your family might be going through. Let us assist you in finding the right program for your family. Our advocates are expert family coaches and are standing by to assist. Call us at (855) 290-9681and let us help you.

Other Resources for Parents – This is a resource online for anyone looking for information about the signs of mental health problems, how they can get help, and how communities can hold conversations on mental health. This website will have videos of people who have shared their mental health problems and recovery stories.


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