Mental Health Treatment Programs For Troubled Teens

Elevations RTC - Ashamed male youth facing addiction and substance useElevations is a fully accredited, on-campus mental health treatment program for troubled teenagers that help Teens from all across the U.S. We help Adolescents who have, or who develop, mental health issues will oftentimes require the direction and treatment that a psychiatric based therapeutic curriculum can provide. At Elevations Residential Treatment Center (RTC), our gifted staff members have formed a mental health treatment program that was created to satisfy all the behavioral health needs of troubled adolescents.

While at the same time, we will guide them through the sometimes challenging process of recovery. So if you have been wondering how to find a rehab center, then look no further than here at Elevations RTC. You should also know that this process of recovery and rehabilitation is all done in a boarding school environment. The students will be placed with others in a community of therapy and academics. Here within the groups, the students will stay and work through the ideal program for them.

The staff here at Elevations RTC wants all parents to understand that there are a number of different mental health issues in teenagers that parents can’t afford to disregard. Conditions like depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, ADHD, anger, and addiction all require proper psychiatric treatment, if you as a parent want any substantial progress.

At Elevations RTC, we recognize the difficulty in taking the initial step toward seeking professional help for your loved one. And we urge you to call one of our family advocates so that we can assist your family and help you make the critical shift that your son or daughter needs. With our help, hundreds of individuals have experienced renewed mental health. Your teen can have the same excellent results.

Elevations RTC offers struggling teens a safe, therapeutic environment, where they receive intensive, psychiatric treatment and personalized care. Call today 1.855.290.9681

Inpatient Mental Health Facilities

The substance use and addiction treatment program here at Elevations RTC is working wonders with teens from all over the country. Elevations RTC - Depressed teen girl in recovery from substance use at treatment center for adolescentsMore than just a drug rehab, we are a fully licensed and equipped treatment program that will assist your son or daughter with the emotional and mental health therapy needed.

The staff here at Elevations makes it a point to work one-on-one with all the students enrolled. Also, the counselors on staff include the teens in group therapy and after-school group activities which encourage the students to reach beyond themselves and extend service to each other. Elevations RTC understands what your troubled teenager needs in order to make a complete recovery from addiction and substance use. The specialists here see to it that all students receive the treatment and therapy required to make substantial progress in their lives.

Treatment Programs for Substance Use

We here at Elevations RTC realize that getting the proper behavioral health care for your troubled teen is an especially critical process. Any parent with an at-risk adolescent in their home should examine an intensive therapeutic residential rehabilitation program like ours. We feel confident that with our help, your troubled son or daughter will not only reclaim their life, but also get back on track with a full recovery.

Here at Elevations RTC, we offer all of the services that a troubled teen would need in order to recover from the mental health issues that are ordinarily seen. Regardless of the various difficulties a teen might be enduring, you can feel comfortable that Elevations can make the difference. Our therapeutic approach takes into consideration the attitude and background of each student.

We find that operating within the framework of each student’s belief system and culture enables us to be more successful in the healing and recovery process. Because of our unique “5 Peaks” program, our students will experience a top-notch clinical & medical program, college preparatory academics, exciting adventure-based activities, planning for the future, and strong leadership value training.

Mental Health Help For Troubled Teens

Elevations RTC - Happy teenagers recovering from substance use at treatment facility for teensElevations is more than just a boarding school. We are a transitional living program that administers mental health treatment and academic support to all teens who may be struggling. Parents will often look into military schools and boot camps for troubled teens as a solution for their son or daughter, but we have found this to be a temporary solution to a long-term problem.

Our family advocates are ready to help you find the perfect fit for your teen so that both he/she and your entire family can once again be the happy, peaceful family that you long for. Please know that we have been here before and are eager to help. Call us at (855) 290-9681 to talk to us today.


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