Programs for Troubled Teens

Programs for Troubled Teens

Elevations RTC - Hopeless male youth facing substance use and addictionElevations RTC is a fully-accredited program for troubled teens. In this program, students learn healthy coping skills and receive the best of evidence-based treatment while simultaneously participating in a traditional academic setting. Elevations RTC focuses exclusively on helping teens who exhibit behavioral and mental health issues, poor choice in social groups, substance use, and more. We Help Teens From All Across The Country.

There are multitudes of different mental health treatment options for struggling adolescents, and it is important for the parents of these teenagers to facilitate their treatment and recovery by choosing the optimal program for their particular situation and issues. Programs for troubled teens, like that of Elevations RTC promote healing and academic focus, thus bolstering the recovery process.

Help For Troubled Teens

At Elevations, adolescents participate in an integrated therapeutic approach in which every student’s progress is guided along by an expert medical care team that focuses on the areas of academics, clinical treatment, milieu, recreation, and medical treatment. As a result of the available space and size of the staff, Elevations is able to replicate “real world” social dynamics, thus allowing students to learn to cope with social pressures while maturing in a way that could not easily be achieved – if at all – in smaller, less focused therapeutic programs.

The vast majority of teens relapse in their first year after initial treatment, when they are typically returning to the educational institutions they attended before the treatment. Attending a treatment facility with a heavy academic focus, such as Elevations, students are removed from their negative influences, unsupportive peers, and old habits.

They also learn the value of education, and the therapeutic treatment works successfully in combination with the academic setting to promote focus and facilitate learning. This makes Elevations the best chance troubled adolescents have at making a lasting recovery and taking the right path to success.

Dealing with troubled teenagers who are struggling with substance use, addiction, or a number of other behavioral and mental health issues can bring on some great trials and tribulations for parents. Finding the right program to help expedite and sustain recovery is a salient aspect of overcoming these issues and ensuring long-term success.

As a parent your instincts are generally right. If you feel your teen is involved in activity that is dangerous to themselves or others, get help. Call an Advocate today @ 855.290.9681

Family Therapy Treatment Program

Elevations RTC is a leading academic program for troubled adolescents battling substance use and addiction, learning disorders, as well as a variety of mental, emotional, and behavioral health issues. The medical treatment program of Elevations is focused on providing comprehensive recovery for struggling teens. Elevations RTC - Depressed teenager girl recovering from addiction at treatment center for youthThis evidence-based practice includes not just psychotherapyfamily therapy, and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), but also academic success, personal growth, and the building of trust and interpersonal relationships.

Co-Educational Academic Environment

While same-sex academic programs may have numerous benefits, all gender academic environments are far more beneficial for a troubled adolescent. By enrolling them in a all gender academic facility, parents of teenagers ensure they are better able to form relationships with people of both sexes. This prepares them for the outside world and “real world” situations in a way that single-sex academic programs do not do.

Furthermore, psychologists have stated that adolescents placed into a single-sex boarding environment are less able to relate to the opposite sex on a level of social equality than those taught in a all genderucational academic facility. While the outcome is better for teen girls than it is for boys, the difference is marginal, and the underlying concern and fundamental principle remain the same.

Academic Focus Leads to Success

Elevations is a full-accredited academic institution that gives students the experience and benefits of both a mental health treatment facility and a comprehensive academic program. The dedicated and committed staff recognizes the relationship between a student’s mental health, self-confidence, and academic success. Elevations RTC places academic growth in a position of equal importance, therefore distinguishing it as a salient portion of the development of critical life skills that put each student on the path toward recovery and success.

Counseling For Troubled Teens

Elevations RTC recognizes that the dynamics of addiction, learning disabilities, and mental health afflictions are inherently related to the presence of co-occurring disorders – many of which result in academic underachievement. That is why proper and professional counseling is directly correlated to academic performance in adolescents. Elevations understands this, and harnesses this to create a counseling program that focuses on self-growth, addiction recovery, and academic achievement all at once.

Elevations RTC - Happy teens recovering from drug use at treatment center for youthIt can be a difficult feat for parents to find a program that will prove efficacious in facilitating the mental health treatment and full recovery of their struggling adolescent, especially one that also has a strong academic focus. For this reason, many parents feel it is best to turn to single-sex academic programs, since they would likely have fewer distractions than a all gender education facility. However, studies have shown that the difference in academic focus between the all gender programs vs single-sex programs is negligible.

Additionally, being in a all gender educational institution offers “real world” situations that prepare teenagers for the workforce. Such conditions include gender equality, striving for leadership, and developing personal and professional relationships with members of the opposite sex. These proponents of all gender programs are far less likely to take place in a single-sex environment, if at all.

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Treatment and recovery programs, such as those offered at Elevations, will help troubled adolescents to heal in an environment of professionals and peers who are sensitive to their particular needs and situations. Our staff is committed to helping, and highly-skilled in the disciplines that are necessary to treat the harmful conditions affecting the teens.

We know teens—and more importantly, we know how to help them fight the battles that are disrupting their lives.  If you would like to talk to an advocate call 1.855.290.9681.

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We know teens—and more importantly, we know how to help them fight the battles that are disrupting their lives.


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