Benefits of Inpatient Therapy Programs

When choosing the best treatment option for your child, deciding whether or not to send your child to inpatient therapy can be a difficult decision. Sending your teen away to get treatment is really hard. You won’t see them everyday and you can’t keep a close eye on what they are doing during treatment. Trusting professionals to take care of your child can be hard, too.

However much you worry about inpatient therapy and being away from your teen, there are so many benefits to sending your teen to an inpatient therapy program. 

Reasons to send your child to inpatient therapy

    1. Removal from distractions of everyday life: While your teen is away getting treatment at an inpatient therapy program, they are away from the distractions of everyday life that may be triggering their behavioral or emotional struggles. An inpatient therapeutic environment allows teens to focus on working through their struggles.
    2. Round-the-clock care: At inpatient therapy programs, your teen will be provided with 24/7 care. If they were getting help in an outpatient facility, their care would be less frequent.
    3. Avoiding relapses in behavior: At inpatient therapy, if your child struggles with substance use issues, there is no chance for them to get back into those behaviors. At home, it’s much easier for them to relapse into those behaviors.
    4. Personalized care: Each individual student at inpatient therapy is provided a personalized therapeutic plan.
    5. Won’t fall behind in their studies: Some inpatient therapy programs offer accredited academics alongside their therapeutic programs. This makes it possible for your teen to get the therapeutic care they need without falling behind in school.
    6. Understanding triggers of symptoms: Because your child will be around therapeutic professionals pretty much every waking hour of the day, therapists will be able to notice specific actions or behaviors that trigger symptoms. This can help better tailor your child’s treatment plan.

Elevations RTC can help

Elevations RTC, a residential treatment center for teens ages 13-18, can help your teen find success through comprehensive therapeutic treatment. Elevations RTC has helped hundreds of teens struggling with emotional and behavioral issues like depression, anxiety, substance use, trauma, and defiance.

For more information about Elevations RTC, please call today.


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