PEAK I: Relationship Driven check

Every aspect of Elevations is driven by a relationship model where we seek to repair family and peer relationships. With our community based approach we demonstrate respect, accountability, and high standards among students, staff, and families back home.  Through hands-on workshops, a diverse co-ed campus, a caring staff, adventure therapy, and aftercare support we can help your teen developing the skills necessary to build strong relationships and be successful in any situation life may throw their way.


Oftentimes, by the time you are looking at a place like Elevations RTC, your family life has become disrupted to the point where you’re no longer sure what to do. We want to help you begin to repair and restore the family in the following ways:

  • Family Therapy. Because most of our families do not live nearby we provide families with weekly family Skype therapy sessions to talk through the difficulties you are experiencing. We also hold parent seminars semi-monthly with an additional orientation seminar held within the first six weeks where parents and their child work with other families and professional staff to further explore and understand both the underlying and overt problems you may have been or are currently struggling with.
  • Visits. We recognize that part of the change process includes spending time with your child and in coordination with your child’s treatment team we can help assist the family in being able to have on campus visits, local off campus visits, local overnight visits, and home visits that will provide everyone with an opportunity to gain the most out of their time together.


Our program has a strong Peer Culture Model which is designed to provide support and feedback to your child from their peers.  In this environment, peers tend to communicate and relate to each other in a manner that is different from their relationship and interactions with a therapist, parent, or other adult.

Co-ed Peer Setting allows our program to give your child the ability to work on the differences that come with male and female interactions. Our school is co-ed and as your child moves through the program they are provided increased situations to enjoy co-ed activities.


Our Staff is what makes Elevations great. The staff works closely and collaboratively as a team and translate this caring and team atmosphere to students.  The staff helps to foster our relationally driven approach by being there for students whenever they need them. We have a low staff to student ration to ensure that your child gets the help that they need.

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