PEAK II: Therapeutic

Elevations provides a highly professional, therapeutic program which is supported by our on-staff board certified psychiatrists, psychologist, and licensed counselors. Our team can support emotionally and medically complex teens in a warm, therapeutic, atmosphere. The clinical care provided relies on Evidence Based Practices which are well-documented, effective approaches to treatment. Individual, group, and family therapy are provided by masters or doctoral level clinicians.

Full Service Clinical offerings

Our diverse expertise enables us to help students with a variety of needs to improve outcomes. Highlights of our clinical program include:

  • 25+ hours of weekly clinical and therapeutic services,
  • Expertise in ADHD, executive functioning and trauma work utilizing Trauma-Focused CBT, Substance Use, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy and Art Therapy.
  • Elevations offers 6-8 on-site Parent Seminars per year.

On-Site Psychiatrists for Better Care

Our psychiatrists are on campus and part of our Elevations Team. They are not contractors who show up periodically. Our psychiatrists are different than seeing a traditional psychiatrist because they:

  • Observe students in academic, residential, and other clinical settings for a better diagnoses and treatment plan.
  • Make calls to families, sit in on family sessions, and offer a level of support that is unrivaled at other residential programs.

Easing Concern with 24/7 Nursing Staff

With available 24/7 nursing care we have a better sense of every student’s medical needs and can offer the highest quality care, safety, and comfort. We also maintain a low staff to student ratio of 1:5 which allows for greater access to staff when students need them and allows staff to be more available for your teen.

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