PEAK III: Engaging

Whether it’s kayaking in Capitol Reef, biking in Bald Mountain, or hitting the slopes in Park City, Elevations offers amazing opportunities for students to experience clinically supported adventure therapy. Our adventure therapy programs have helped our teens in the following ways:

  • Improving self-confidence
  • Building relationships with friends, peers, and instructors
  • Providing a physical and mental outlet through structured physical fitness and outdoor education.
  • Creating a lifelong desire to incorporate fitness and activity into daily life

Activities to build confidence and improve moods

Elevations includes fields, volleyball, full gymnasium, climbing wall, library, and a renowned art program.  All of these work together to provide students healthy outlets.  Plus, studies show active teens are more likely to have better outlook and moods.

Although we have a great campus with separate classroom building, offices, and residences, all students look forward to the opportunity to explore the area and get off campus. We enjoy all sorts of local activities and even have longer off-campus trips every other month. It’s a great way for us to see the progress students are making outside the normal day-to-day setting.

Seeing beyond oneself

We do service work outside of Elevations.  This service work is designed to build self-respect and a helping attitude in our students.  Service also helps our students see outside themselves and gain invaluable perspective.

Experience the splendor of Utah

For those unfamiliar with our location outside Salt Lake City, Utah offers a wonderful array of activities including hiking, biking, climbing, camping, and skiing. This beautiful area is right outside our front door and we take advantage of it.

Elevations students go to Bryce Canyon, Moab, Zion, and Snow Basin. Camping trips are provided every other month for 3-5 days. We go to national forests and parks on our camping trips and adventure based excursions. Our goal is to allow the students to:

  1. Get outside, away from campus.
  2. Challenge our students to find new activities that they love and new outlets for their energy.

Physical, emotional, and mental outlets

Through structured physical fitness, outdoor education, experiential education, community service learning and leisure education opportunities, we support treatment goals set forth by each student’s treatment team. Regular consultations with the clinical team and medical staff ensure that the student’s needs are being met along with a high standard for safety in all activities.

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