PEAK V: Future Oriented

Every parent worries about their child’s future.  At Elevations, we can help your teen find their path to success for college and beyond.

A Real School Setting for better focus

Our modern building offers a traditional school setting that is separate from the dorm and community areas. This provides students with a normalized school environment. We feel this helps because of the following:

  • This offers minimal distractions to a student’s academic growth and progress.
  • It creates an academic environment similar to what you’d find at leading traditional boarding schools.
  • It allows our students to interact with the opposite gender.

These interactions occur in a “real world” co-educational environment. Studies and experience show that mixed gender in the classroom can improve achievement while still teaching about building positive relationships with the opposite gender.

Results-driven College Preparation

Our curriculum is fully accredited, ensuring credits transfer after a student’s stay at Elevations. All teachers are licensed. Plus, every teacher is clinically trained with intensive sessions on ADHD, depression, and so on to ensure greater understanding and ability to help every child find success.

Your teen is set up for success:

  • Classrooms are typically 6 – 8 students for every teacher.
  • We have a college placement person that helps with applications, and our English teacher provides one-on-one assistance with common application admissions essays.
  • We do SAT and ACT prep and testing on-sight as a certified SAT test center. We can provide to 1:1 SAT tutoring as well.

Elevations offers career planning, credit recovery, cumulative transcript preparation, and a skill-based advisory period where students learn skills such as note-taking, researching, media literacy, reading comprehension, organizational strategies, and self-advocacy.

Finding the right next step

From day one, we are preparing our students and families for when they leave, regardless of next placement – home, step-down, or traditional boarding school. The treatment plan includes goals that set up the student for success in the next setting.

After leaving Elevations, students are able to maintain communication with their primary therapist for up to 12 weeks.

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