Disruptive Behavior – Boot Camp For Troubled Teens

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Is your child disrupting the family?  Are you on pins and needles waiting for next issue?

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Disruptive behaviors can interfere with the child’s ability to perform well in school and to get along with parents and siblings at home.  Elevations RTC is well equipped to diagnose and treat students with disruptive behaviors including attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and oppositional defiant disorder (ODD) better than a boot camp for struggling teens.

An underlying depression can further complicate these issues, requiring a skillful practitioner to determine what issues should be treated medically or through insight oriented therapy.  Identifying and monitoring the correct medication for these issues is a critical part in successful treatment which extends beyond what a boot camp for struggling teens offerElevations RTC is one of the premier treatment centers for depression, anxiety, and disruptive behaviors for teens age 13 through 17.

Students with disruptive behaviors may also experiment with alcohol or drugs.  Elevations RTC is well prepared to treat these issues with specialty groups focused on substance use and related issues.  Substance addiction in teens requires intervention to properly treat.  Elevations RTC provides 25-hours of clinical contact each and every week ensuring that our students receive the proper emotional care and support to overcome the debilitating effects of substance use.

All at Elevations RTC we understand how frustrating and emotionally draining it can be raising a child with disruptive behaviors.  The impact begins to take a toll on the entire family system. 

The first step in treating destructive behaviors is to remove the child from the home environment.  By making a clean break from the home and immersing into a therapeutic, highly structured environment, we can reset the family relationship.  Treatment begins by developing insight and learning that the cause of one’s problems is not mom or dad, or anyone else’s fault but “my own.”  Building insight is the first step to overcoming disruptive behaviors.

Along with building insight, coping skills taught and practiced at Elevations RTC.  New ways of coping and reacting to anger or stress are practiced in group therapy and in the treatment milieu.  New healthy habits replace older, maladaptive coping strategies and become the new automatic response to anger.


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