Building Self Confidence: Don’t Ignore the Nonathletic Child

Athletic, involved, extroverted–these are all characteristics which many parents wish for in a child. More often than not, if a child has a more athletic sibling, the more athletic sibling gets more attention. Naturally, this isn’t good for the other child. One of the most important things for your child to do is building self confidence; they can’t do that if they feel inferior and less loved because of their nonathletic talents. Psychology Today recently published an article outlining how to help your teen equip themselves with tools for building self confidence.

Tips for building self confidence in your teen

Notice Each Child’s Strengths

Yes, it’s wonderful that your child is the star athlete of the school and has a vast number of trophies, but what about their sibling? Ask their sibling what they’re interested in. Are they a great artist? Ask them about that, get excited about it, offer to help them buy art supplies and classes to get even better than they are! This is not just strengthening their self-esteem, it’s urging them to get better at it. Having something you’re great at is wonderful for building self confidence.

Quality Time Matters

You may not think your teenager wants to spend time with you, but it hurts when you’re constantly interested and involved with what their sibling is doing and not also what they’re doing. An example of this–going back to the child that’s good at art–would be asking if they’re interested in any art museums nearby and if they’d like to go with you one day. This establishes that their interests are important, which helps in building self confidence.

Neutral Family Outings

It’s easy to consider the whole family going to one of your child’s soccer games as a family outing, but the truth is that it’s really just about that one child. Having something neutral to do gives the family something every member can enjoy! An example of this would be going to see a movie or having a picnic.

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