Smaller Class Sizes: A Solution for Teen Social Anxiety

A teenager struggles with social anxiety

Social anxiety in teenagers is a mental disorder that can easily go undiagnosed but can have serious repercussions on a teen’s school performance, relationships, and can lead to depression. One of the ways to combat social anxiety in teens is by encouraging smaller classroom sizes to promote individual learning and reduce peer pressure. What is…

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There is No Place Like Home: When School Refusal Becomes an Issue

School refusal is very different from truancy. A truant child typically lies about missing class and uses school hours to spend time with friends – this often goes hand-in-hand with delinquent behavior. Not so with school refusal. A child that refuses school isn’t doing it because they consider school worthless; typically, it is associated with…

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Gender-Affirming Practices in Residential Treatment Centers

gender-affirming practices

Recently, our Medical Director, Dr. Michael Connolly and Executive Clinical Director, Jennifer Wilde led a breakout session on gender-affirmative practices in residential care for adolescents at the Gender Education Demystification Symposium (GEMS). Elevations RTC is one of the leading treatment centers for struggling teens of all genders, as we are dedicated to exploring and applying…

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Anxiety and Depression Among Gender Non-conforming Teens

depression in gender non conforming teens

More teenagers are identifying themselves with nontraditional gender labels such as non-binary, transgender, genderqueer, or gender-fluid, according to a new study conducted by the University of Minnesota. Researchers found that 3% of teens did not identify themselves with traditional gender labels, compared to .7% of teens in a previous study by UCLA in 2017. Despite…

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Bullying Leads to Neurological Changes

bullying and neurological changes

The effects of being bullied in school can have a significant impact on how teens feel about themselves and how they develop relationships later in life. Teens who have been bullied often feel socially isolated and may experience school refusal if they are scared of being victimized at school. Fears associated with the threat of…

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How to Recognize and Help a Panic Attack in Teens

Sweaty palms, shaking, hyperventilating–these are the signs of a panic attack. For some parents, dealing with a panic attack in teens can seem impossible. If you’ve never dealt with one yourself, it’s hard to help another person–especially your child–get through it without becoming stressed out yourself. Teens with anxiety are probably fairly familiar with panic…

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Overcoming Fear: Five Ways To Help Anxiety Disorder In Teens

help for anxious teen

Mild anxiety seems to come as part and parcel of the teen-aged experience. Kids can experience stress, worry, or teen angst–as it is often called–when they face any number of obstacles that line and define their adolescent lives. These could include tests at school, peer pressure, bullies, and familial expectations of their behavior and scholastic…

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