How Does Milieu Therapy Support Teens with Attachment Issues?

teens with attachment issues

For teens with attachment issues, the therapeutic process can be just as complex as the stressful life experiences that have contributed to their insecure attachment. Trust and safety in a therapeutic milieu is foundational to the healing process. Relationships heal relational trauma. Healing that occurs in a community setting helps teens challenge their negative belief…

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Addressing Adoption and Attachment Issues at Elevations

adoption and attachment issues

It is a myth that attachment disorders only happen in adopted children. Attachment issues may result from any kind of relational problem early in life, with family members, siblings, or even friends. They not only affect relationships, but self perceptions and abilities to achieve their goals. The beliefs that teens develop about relationships early on…

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Common Myths About Adoption and Attachment Disorder in Teens

Attachment Disorder in Teens

Many children are adopted every year, but there’s still many myths surrounding those children and the possibility of reactive attachment disorder in teens. Too many people continue to think only adopted adolescents can grapple with attachment disorders, but that’s simply not true. This leads to parents ignoring signs or struggling to figure out what’s really…

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