Residential Treatment Centers for Teens Help Teens Find Success

No parent wants to see their teen struggle. We all hope for the best for our children. However, sometimes things aren’t peachy. That’s when it’s time to consider intensive therapeutic help. If you’ve been through outpatient therapy with your child and it’s not working as you’d hoped it would, it might be time to consider…

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6 Reasons Why Your Teenager Might Be Acting Out Impulsively

why is my teenager acting out

Many parents hope that their teenager acting out is “just a phase they’ll grow out of” or “part of being a teenager nowadays,” but there’s a difference between moodiness, bending rules, and being unsafe. Understanding why your teenager is acting out is more effective in knowing what needs could be met in safer ways rather…

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Social Media and Self-Esteem: Body Issues in Teens

body issues in teens

Social media users subconsciously compare themselves to the filtered individuals behind their phone screens. As social media continuously grows, so does its impact on our mental health. Researchers suggest that social media engagement with those whom one perceives more attractive than themselves contributes to a more negative self-image. As the number of Instagram models and…

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Treatment for Defiant Teen: 3 Ways to Help

treatment for defiant teen

Nothing’s perfect–as parents, it can be hard to accept that truth. Why can’t our kids always put their clothes in the hamper? Why can’t they always turn their homework in on time? Why can’t they take “no” for an answer? Well, they’re kids, that’s why. In treatment for defiant teen teens of all genders, it’s…

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Overcoming Fear: Five Ways To Help Anxiety Disorder In Teens

help for anxious teen

Mild anxiety seems to come as part and parcel of the teen-aged experience. Kids can experience stress, worry, or teen angst–as it is often called–when they face any number of obstacles that line and define their adolescent lives. These could include tests at school, peer pressure, bullies, and familial expectations of their behavior and scholastic…

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Reasons Why Your Rebellious Teenager Doesn’t Want to Talk

The rebellious teenager–the stereotype feared and known by many parents. If you’re a parent, you know what it feels like when your teen gives you the cold shoulder. Most of the time, it seems like they’re doing it for no reason–but that’s not necessarily true. While teens experience a hormonal roller-coaster that can make their…

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How Parents Can Help with Anger Management for Teens

Anger management for teens can be especially difficult. All the hormones, drama, assignments, social requirements–it can all come to a head and bubble over, coming out in the form of anger. While anger may be a normal and important human emotion, when it gets out of hand it can become dangerous. This is why anger…

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Teenager Acting Out? Parenting Tips on How to Deal with It

teenager acting out

When you have a teenager acting out, it is hard to know how to handle the situation. Most parents try what they’ve heard from friends or wing it, but sometimes those don’t work. Sometimes it’s harder and more complicated. Parenting a teenager is never easy–anyone who’s raised a child knows this. It can take a…

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