The Effects of Cyberbullying on Offline Relationships

effects of cyberbullying

According to the Center for the Digital Future, time spent online every week by average Americans has risen from 9.4 hours to 23.6 over the last generation, which has changed the way teens socialize and form offline relationships. Around 65% of teenagers believe that the internet is considered important for maintaining social relationships. While the…

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Social Media and Self-Esteem: Body Issues in Teens

body issues in teens

Social media users subconsciously compare themselves to the filtered individuals behind their phone screens. As social media continuously grows, so does its impact on our mental health. Researchers suggest that social media engagement with those whom one perceives more attractive than themselves contributes to a more negative self-image. As the number of Instagram models and…

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The Link Between Social Media And Depression

In today’s culture, teens turn to social media for approval. The number of likes one gets may be the foundation for which they determine their self-worth. It’s sad, but it’s true. As the internet has become more popular, research has shown a steady increase in the number of adolescents’ diagnosed depression. So, are the two…

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Helping Your Child Shoo Away Signs of Low Self Esteem

signs of low self esteem

Every parent wants their child to feel confident and fulfilled, but that’s not always how things develop. As children enter adolescence, hormones, society, and trying to fit in can lead to symptoms and signs of low self esteem–which can eventually morph into deeper issues. As a parent, there are certain things you can do in…

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What really matters: The secret to a happy teen

happy teen

What do you think your teen wishes for? A shiny new car? Getting into a great college and going on to a career of their dreams? Do they hope this will provide this with all the happiness they’ve ever wanted? Turns out, material things and money aren’t a recipe for a happy teen. Creating deep…

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Discussing Gender Identity Issues: What Is Gender?

gender identity issues

Gender identity issues have recently been shoved into the national spotlight. Many consider when Caitlyn Jenner came out as transgender and ignited a new conversation about gender identity issues across the world to be the turning point for the transgender movement. Many transgender celebrities–Laverne Cox, for example–have come forward to discuss their experiences. Debates on…

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Male Friendships: The Struggle to Make Friends

Studies Show Male Friendships Are Harder to Maintain The New York Times recently released an article discussing various studies that have shown the impact of friendship on the longevity and quality of life. The studies revealed that family relationships had little if any impact on life expectancy, but friendships increased life expectancy by as much…

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Perseverance in Youth: Does it Indicate Success?

perseverance in youth

“Grit”: Determining Perseverance in Youth and Their Success   There is a common belief today, that determination and consistency can lead to success. More than traditional factors like talent, I.Q., or achievement in school. This belief is called “grit”. This term was created by a psychologist named Angela Duckworth. A recent article by Psychology Today…

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Building Self Confidence: Don’t Ignore the Nonathletic Child

building self confidence

Athletic, involved, extroverted–these are all characteristics which many parents wish for in a child. More often than not, if a child has a more athletic sibling, the more athletic sibling gets more attention. Naturally, this isn’t good for the other child. One of the most important things for your child to do is building self…

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