Embracing Identity: The Benefits of Gender-Affirming Care at Elevations

gender affirming - Elevations RTC

In recent years, there has been a growing recognition of the importance of providing gender-affirming care for individuals who identify as transgender or gender nonconforming. Elevations has been at the forefront of residential programs providing individualized, gender-affirming care to transgender and non-binary youth. By fostering an inclusive and educational environment, Elevations not only acknowledges the…

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How to Positively Engage an Isolating Teen

Happy teen young boy rest on stairs speak with elderly father enjoy leisure family weekend. - Elevations RTC

From an early age, parents have the greatest impact on their children. Parents who spend quality time with their teenagers are more likely to raise competent, caring, and well-adjusted kids who successfully navigate the path to independence. As your child enters their teen years and begins to embrace their independence you may notice your teen…

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6 Teen Suicide Resources for Parents

a teenage girl crying

Did you know that teen suicide accounts for thousands of deaths each year? It’s the second leading cause of death among people between the ages of 10 and 24. There are countless reasons for this trend, but the point is that people are dying, and it’s terrifying. That’s especially true for parents who know their child…

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How to Support LGBTQIA Teens this Pride Month

Rainbow flag in the air

This June marks another Pride month, following more than fifty years of Pride parade celebrations, beginning with the very first in New York City on June 28, 1970. As with every year, there will be many participants for whom this Pride month is their first one “out.” More than ever, teenagers are coming to terms…

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Understanding Adoption Issues In Teens

Teen Adoption

As young people approach their teenage years, they begin to develop their own identity and the life skills they will use in adulthood. This often involves creating a new, separate relationship with their parents. During this phase of their development, teens that have been adopted may have issues in addition to the normal emotional and…

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Classroom Accommodations for High Schoolers with ADHD

As symptoms of ADHD shift throughout adolescence, accommodations that may have helped your child when they were younger typically change over time. In high school, the class curriculum shifts from memorization to critical thinking skills, which requires a different approach. Many high schoolers with ADHD who have gotten by in elementary and middle school begin…

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6 Reasons Why Your Teenager Might Be Acting Out Impulsively

why is my teenager acting out

Many parents hope that their teenager acting out is “just a phase they’ll grow out of” or “part of being a teenager nowadays,” but there’s a difference between moodiness, bending rules, and being unsafe. Understanding why your teenager is acting out is more effective in knowing what needs could be met in safer ways rather…

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