Empowering Growth through Triathlon Training: The Elevations RTC Journey

Empowering Growth through Triathlon Training

At Elevations, a residential treatment center that fosters personal growth and empowerment through unique experiences, we have adopted an annual tradition for students, staff, and occasionally parents—triathlon training. Training begins each April for the July triathlon, giving our participants time to hone their skills running, biking, and swimming. Let’s look at five reasons why this…

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The Power of Onsite Psychiatric and Medical Teams: Enhancing Treatment at Elevations RTC

The Power of Onsite Psychiatric and Medical Teams

Comprehensive care is paramount in residential treatment centers for adolescents facing emotional and behavioral challenges. Since opening in 2014, Elevations has consistently demonstrated our commitment to offering top-notch support for young individuals on their path to healing and growth. A key aspect that sets Elevations apart is the presence of an onsite psychiatric and medical…

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Embracing Identity: The Benefits of Gender-Affirming Care at Elevations

gender affirming - Elevations RTC

In recent years, there has been a growing recognition of the importance of providing gender-affirming care for individuals who identify as transgender or gender nonconforming. Elevations has been at the forefront of residential programs providing individualized, gender-affirming care to transgender and non-binary youth. By fostering an inclusive and educational environment, Elevations not only acknowledges the…

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Managing Sobriety During The Holidays

A young man stands in front of Christmas lights.

Managing sobriety during the holidays can be daunting, particularly for teenagers battling an addiction problem. Many people in the early stages of recovery often relapse during this period, owing to social events’ abundance. It becomes much easier to give in to peer pressure and indulge in substance abuse or alcohol consumption. In some cases, teenagers…

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Residential Treatment Centers for Teens Help Teens Find Success

No parent wants to see their teen struggle. We all hope for the best for our children. However, sometimes things aren’t peachy. That’s when it’s time to consider intensive therapeutic help. If you’ve been through outpatient therapy with your child and it’s not working as you’d hoped it would, it might be time to consider…

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Gender-Affirming Practices in Residential Treatment Centers

gender-affirming practices

Recently, our Medical Director, Dr. Michael Connolly and Executive Clinical Director, Jennifer Wilde led a breakout session on gender-affirmative practices in residential care for adolescents at the Gender Education Demystification Symposium (GEMS). Elevations RTC is one of the leading treatment centers for struggling teens of all genders, as we are dedicated to exploring and applying…

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Building Interpersonal Skills in Co-Ed Residential Treatment Centers

interpersonal skills

Interpersonal effectiveness is one of the cornerstones of Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, which teaches teens how to more effectively communicate with others. Social communication has been radically transformed over the last decade, with the rise of smartphones and social media. Teens have the advantage of proofreading conversations and the option to “ghost” someone they are arguing…

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