The Importance Of Staying Sober During The Holidays

A photo of a Christmas present underneath a Christmas tree with a small cup of hot cocoa, that belongs to someone who is staying sober, sitting next to it.

The holiday season is here, and many have displayed holiday decor in residential and commercial spaces, bringing surrounding neighborhoods to life. People all over the country are hustling and preparing for the festive season’s activities.  Family members and friends are cementing plans for the night ahead and anticipating their holiday break. For many, this is…

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Why Alcohol Is A Problem For Teens

Elevations RTC recognizing Alcohol Awareness Month

Alcohol and teens should not mix. Underage drinking laws make alcohol consumption illegal before a person turns 21. However, young people are known to drink anyway.  It is a serious public concern in the US because it threatens everyone’s health and safety. Drinking is bad for adults and even worse for teenagers. It’s time to…

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Managing Sobriety During The Holidays

A young man stands in front of Christmas lights.

Managing sobriety during the holidays can be daunting, particularly for teenagers battling an addiction problem. Many people in the early stages of recovery often relapse during this period, owing to social events’ abundance. It becomes much easier to give in to peer pressure and indulge in substance abuse or alcohol consumption. In some cases, teenagers…

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Teen Substance Use Treatment Programming at Elevations RTC

teen substance use

Teen substance use is a growing concern affecting millions of families in the US. At Elevations RTC, when we have students struggling with substance use issues and other addiction-related challenges (such as technology, gaming, or pornography addiction) we organize specialized therapeutic groups to work towards recovery.  The focus of substance use and addiction programming at…

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Peaks in Teenage Alcohol Use: Recognizing When It’s No Longer Recreational

teenage alcohol use

Excessive teenage alcohol use is associated with self-medicating underlying emotional issues, sensation-seeking, identity exploration, and social learning more so than adult substance use, therefore requires different treatment options considering developmental differences. Alcohol is the most commonly used substance in the United States. By age 15, around 30% of teenagers have had at least one drink.…

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