How to Support LGBTQIA Teens this Pride Month

Rainbow flag in the air

This June marks another Pride month, following more than fifty years of Pride parade celebrations, beginning with the very first in New York City on June 28, 1970. As with every year, there will be many participants for whom this Pride month is their first one “out.” More than ever, teenagers are coming to terms…

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Unequal Education: The Issue for Transgender Teenagers in School

transgender teenagers

Transgender teenagers face an issue across the country: misunderstanding. Through misunderstandings and ignorance, transgender teenagers are now being treated unfairly and unequally in a place that should champion education and openness–school. In a recent article by ThinkProgress, the challenges many transgender teenagers are facing in public school systems across the country are discussed. Transgender teenagers…

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Discussing Gender Identity with Teens

discussing gender identity with teens

  Issues with gender identity are common in teens. Many teens struggle with self-identity, which is natural at a time when teens are coming to terms with who they are. Discussing gender identity with teens can be an important part of ensuring their overall wellbeing. Teens who often struggle with gender identity feel scared, and…

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Discussing Gender Identity Issues: What Is Gender?

gender identity issues

Gender identity issues have recently been shoved into the national spotlight. Many consider when Caitlyn Jenner came out as transgender and ignited a new conversation about gender identity issues across the world to be the turning point for the transgender movement. Many transgender celebrities–Laverne Cox, for example–have come forward to discuss their experiences. Debates on…

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Transgender Bathroom Laws Affecting Transgender Teens

  The Obama Administration is releasing a directive advising all US public schools to allow transgender teens to use the bathroom that corresponds to their gender identity. Though this is not a direct law per say, it holds the threat that public schools that do not comply will lose federal aid. This all comes as…

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