Tips on How to Improve Family Communication

A photo of a mother spending quality time with her family and child on a sunny day next to a tree.

The teenage years can be a challenging time in the parent-child relationship. At this stage in their development, teenagers figure out where they fit in this world as they find new friends and develop different hobbies.  We have all experienced this to some extent, it can be confusing and saddening as they find their strengths…

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How We Can Help Prevent Bullying For LGBTQ Teens

People within the LGBTQ community know firsthand how important it is to feel safe and supported by a community. Unfortunately, many LGBTQ teens do not have this support; instead, they regularly experience bullying and discrimination. October is Bullying Awareness Month, so it’s a great time to raise awareness about this crucial issue and discuss what…

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How Music Can Improve Mental Health

A picture of a record player by a window used to help improve mental health

Most people look at music as one of the most powerful influences. It is an instant mood changer for most, and it balances out the highs and the lows that people may go through daily. From a mental health standpoint, more and more people understand how much it can improve someone’s mental state. Regardless of…

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Parents May Need Therapeutic Support If Their Teen Is In Treatment

Parent receiving therapeutic support

For teens undergoing residential treatment, we can’t stress the importance of parents having their therapeutic support enough. Whether your child is receiving help for an emotional disorder, substance use, mental health problems, or another underlying issue, Elevations RTC can bring comprehensive support to the whole family.  Today, we’ll discuss the various resources, therapy, and support…

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Understanding Adoption Issues In Teens

Teen Adoption

As young people approach their teenage years, they begin to develop their own identity and the life skills they will use in adulthood. This often involves creating a new, separate relationship with their parents. During this phase of their development, teens that have been adopted may have issues in addition to the normal emotional and…

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PEAK V: Future Oriented

Every parent worries about their child’s future.  At Elevations, we can help your teen find their path to success for college and beyond. A Real School Setting for better focus Our modern building offers a traditional school setting that is separate from the dorm and community areas. This provides students with a normalized school environment.…

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PEAK IV: Valuable

At Elevations, we know that there is no price that you can put on the success and happiness of your child.  It is our job to provide you with the best value for your investment. By offering high quality clinical care, a rigorous college prep academic program, confidence building adventure therapy, a real life all…

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