A Tailored Treatment Approach That is Designed to Help Your Child


Elevations is committed to clinical excellence in order to deliver on its promise to continue as one of the leading residential depression treatment centers.  This commitment is reflected in our industry leading accreditations, memberships, and licenses.  It is then delivered by our expert psychological, psychiatric, and medical team who work together with one another as well as with members of the entire Elevations team.

At Elevations RTC we recognize that our teens’ challenges cannot only be addressed during therapy sessions.  Anxiety, defiance, and depression cannot be solely dealt with during specific hours of the day.  Opportunities for growth and success occurs in the dorms, in school, during off campus trips, etc—this is why our team works collaboratively to get a fuller picture of each student.

As one of the best depression treatment centers we provide a tailored treatment approach that is designed to help your child address and resolve the conflicts that are paralyzing your family’s growth.

At Elevations, our facility and therapeutic services offer the perfect environment for helping teens reconnect to a healthy and meaningful life. Contact us today.

Watch Clinical Corner 

Check out the most recent videos from our Clinical Corner video series featuring members of our clinical team. In this series, clinicians explore a variety of topics related to clinical programming at Elevations.

Our Comprehensive Therapeutic Approach

Our comprehensive approach as one of the leading anxiety, defiance, and depression treatment centers is aimed at helping children take ownership of the changes they are making. We utilize the following to help ensure lasting change:

  • 8 hours of therapist led interactions
  • 13 hours of staff and peer driven groups
  • Full-time psychiatrists
  • Outdoor and off-campus activities led by recreation therapists
  • Daily exercise
  • Our holistic, community-based approach helps recognize and better understand how the pieces in their lives (e.g. academics, home, social, free time) are connected to each other.

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Peer Culture Model

Unlike other programs for struggling teens, our program emphasizes a strong peer culture. At Elevations RTC, peer feedback and support is greatly encouraged.  Too often teens feel disconnected and unmotivated which contributes to low self-esteem.  Our peer supportive peer culture is one way Elevations helps as one of the top depression treatment centers.

Peers undergoing similar difficulties provide each other with meaningful guidance. These relationships and interactions between peers are much different than those with therapists, parents, and other adults. This peer culture builds life-long friendships and a supportive community environment while improving relationship skills.

Our all-gender inclusive peer setting gives our students the opportunity to normalize the experience of  interactions between different, while noticing the differences between them. Elevations accepts students of all genders, which is a fairly unique aspect and contributes to Elevations as one of the leading depression treatments centers.  As your child moves through the program they are provided with increased situations to enjoy recreational and social activities with students of all genders. Our students can get the clinical models of top therapeutic boarding schools in a residential treatment center environment.

Psychiatric / Medical Care

With on-staff medical and psychiatric support, Elevations can help complex teens with inaccurate and conflicting diagnoses.

Types of Therapy

Elevations offers a breadth and depth of therapeutic approaches in order to provide students the tools they need for successful change.

Family Support

Bringing families back together through support, care, and guidance to repair and rebuild stronger bonds.

Better Relationships

Students learn accountability, reliability, and trust thanks to consistent structure and encouragement.