Repairing & rebuilding relationships


This is all about family.  

Research has demonstrated that programs for struggling teens that include high levels of parental involvement have better outcomes than those who do not.  We created our parental component with this research in mind.

We want to help you begin to repair and restore the family that you may have thought was lost to you. We provide families with transformative experiences that help engage the entire family in the change process.

Family Success

“No words could ever describe what Elevations has meant to our family.  We were inspired to recognize and accept our issues and to change those things causing us emotional pain and fracturing our relationships.  Everyone took the time to explain things that we didn’t understand and made them easier to comprehend. Elevations gave us the coping tools to become a more unified family.” 

-Dorene, parent of former student

Family Experiences Provided by Elevations

  1. New Parent Orientation– This is where you can meet the people who will be working with you along the way, ask questions of the different members on your child’s treatment team, and better understand the general goings on at Elevations RTC.
  2. Parent Seminars– About every eight weeks students and their parents work with other families and professional staff to further explore and better understand family dynamics.  Through various experiential and therapeutic interventions, families often walk away from the two day seminars with a greater understanding and ability to overcome the challenges they face.  Families also recognize they are not alone in these challenges.
  3. Visits– In coordination with your child’s treatment team, we can assist your family in coming for on-campus visits, local overnight trips, as well as home visits that will provide everyone with an opportunity to gain the most out of their time together.
  4. Family Therapy– Because most of our families do not live nearby, we stay in touch with weekly family therapy sessions that can include Skype sessions to talk through the difficulties you are experiencing.  

Elevations is respected as one of the leading treatment centers for depression, anxiety, defiance, and mood disorders. We treat each individual person in program while helping the family back home as well.

Strong Clinical

Elevations can help even complex teens thanks to our holistic, integrated, and diverse clinical team and therapeutic approach.

Types of Therapy

Elevations offers a breadth and depth of therapeutic approaches in order to provide students the tools they need for successful change.

Family Support

Bringing families back together through support, care, and guidance to repair and rebuild stronger bonds.

Better Relationships

Students learn accountability, reliability, and trust thanks to consistent structure and encouragement.

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