Psychiatric/Medical Care

Treatment Centers for Depression, Mood, Anxiety

Some students have complex emotional and medical histories that require treatment centers for depression, defiance, anxiety, or other needs. These complexities may be a result of inaccurate or conflicting diagnoses and / or medications. Students may not have full developmental histories. Others may simply be struggling with a variety of things they need assistance working through.

Family frustration with a lack of clarity or progress is often why they seek out treatment centers for depression, mood, and other common diagnoses and challenges.

While most students at Elevations do not require intensive psychiatric care, we believe our medical care offers all family comfort in knowing the support and expertise are there.

Sophisticated Approach for Complex Needs

Unlike other residential treatment centers for teens, providing an excellent level of psychiatric and medical care is a huge priority for us. We offer students this care as one of the premier treatment centers for depression, anger, and substance use:

Assessment upon admission

Weekly follow up with students

Medication management

Participation in weekly treatment team discussion

Coordination with other members of the multidisciplinary team

Doc Talks With Dr. Michael Connolly


Elevations Reviews

I am very happy that we found Elevations RTC and our daughter has worked hard to deal with her condition and does so much more effectively than before. Thank you!


Throughout our experience at Elevations and now continuing with the Approach, we experienced the therapy/help to be focused on our son’s needs taking into account prior history as well as progress made.


Matt Seelos has been terrific. Our son appeared to trust him and open up to him. He was great at helping us navigate many of the family communication and trust issues that arose.


Strengths of the program are the therapeutic, residential and medical staff, along with solid academic program and a good process for communication amongst these teams, are the DBT framework and positive peer mentoring, and all gender inclusive environment.


Great supportive teachers! Especially, Jon Kortman, Peggy Dopp and Jen Capellen. We really appreciate their honest feedback and support with our son. Jon was instrumental in providing timely information to our IEP team at home to help with our son’s transition back to his home school.


My daughter spent eight months at elevations and overcame many challenges with the help of an amazing therapist and a supportive environment.

Scott M.

Success began with a safe environment. The Elevations staff was nurturing and supportive. The therapeutic team at Elevations was patient, determined and caring. My daughter found both support and challenge from the positive peer culture and team process.

Janda E.

Our son had a wonderful experience at Elevations.  This program follows through on what it promises.  The staff is excellent.


It was a great nurturing environment. She really loved the staff and would go to them if she was struggling or needed help, advice, or just to talk.

Deann C.

This was the fourth placement for our son. It was the only one where he finally became stable. We could not have asked for a better outcome at this time!


I will forever be grateful to Elevations for giving me back my daughter. She is back living a productive and healthy life.  Elevations provided her the ability to hold herself accountable for her own future.


We have our child back. Keep up the good work!


Our son had a wonderful experience at Elevations.  This program follows through on what it promises. The staff is excellent.


Part of the Team

Our board certified General and Child/Adolescent Psychiatric staff are full time employees and are at Elevations five times days a week. This high level of integration with overall Elevations community offers greater clarity on clinical and medical issues and progress for each student.

The entire Elevations team specializes in understanding the subtle distinctions that come with working with struggling or struggling teens.

Additional Medical Support is provided by our PA and A.P.R.N. who are available 24 / 7. These nurses work in coordination with local medical groups and specialists to provide the support a student might need including: Occupational therapy, Chiropractic care, Physical Therapy, and Dental checkups/care.

Psychiatric / Medical Care

With on-staff medical and psychiatric support, Elevations can help complex teens with inaccurate and conflicting diagnoses.

Types of Therapy

Elevations offers a breadth and depth of therapeutic approaches in order to provide students the tools they need for successful change.

Family Support

Bringing families back together through support, care, and guidance to repair and rebuild stronger bonds.

Better Relationships

Students learn accountability, reliability, and trust thanks to consistent structure and encouragement.