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Communication is one of the most important things when you are looking to choose a residential program. How often will I speak to my child? How often can I speak with their therapist? Who do I call for a check-in or for an emergency? At Elevations we have a few points of contact when your child joins our program, one of which is our Team Directors.
Each week Clint has a chance to speak with student’s parents on his team. He is not just reporting back therapeutic progress, but also helping parents to feel involved in the day to day lives of students.
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA“My role here is to float around our campus to manage staff and check-in with everyone, this includes parents staff and students. Parents appreciate the ability to directly call program staff, other programs do not allow this. I would say I speak with every parent within my team once a week. “
Clint has been working for therapeutic programs for years, and in his two years with Elevations we asked him to share one of his most recent success stories.
“One of the most recent success stories I can think of was a graduate we had about six months ago. She had a long history of self-harm and drug use. She came to our program with the attitude that she would never change. Through staff slowly building trust, and coaching her when she was ready she really started to change. It is not a fast process, by any means, but she eventually grew to be a community leader. We are trying to create lasting change and this does not happen overnight. Our program is really geared towards transitioning the students home to be successful. Just last week she called me to share her success and the positive impact we had on her. She has been home for a semester and already has a better relationship with her parents, a job, and is doing well in school. All of this was only possible because of the skills she learned here and the hard work of the Elevations team.”
Clint is one of the many staff we have hand selected to help students transition from a challenging past to a future of success. It is with the right staff, a specially designed program, and years of research and experience that we bring families success and help our students overcome what seem like impossible challenges.
If you are interested in learning how Elevations can help create success for your family please contact us today.
The Elevations RTC Admissions Team can be reached by calling or by filling our the Contact Us form to the right.

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