Cody, Male, Age 17

Struggles with addictions and family relationship issues

Elevations is the best place I’ve ever been.  And I’ve been to seven other places.  I’ve been in treatment centers since about 13.

Started Early

I have always struggled with depression and a terrible cocktail of mental illness.  I had a bad family situation back home, some of which I helped create, which didn’t help.  This led to addictions at a pretty young age.

I started using drugs when I was pretty young.  Though I’ve been to many treatment places I always felt like, ‘Yeah, I’m going back to using.  No point in my not going back to it. I’m a junkie.  I’m always going to be a junkie.’

But Elevations has completely changed everything.

How Elevations Helped

There is a powerful relationship between all the aspects of the program.  It’s kind of like a family.  Anyone on the team can relate to you.  Elevations is more comprehensive than other programs.  There is a progression. When you start, others who have been here mentor you, but as time goes by and you get comfortable you become the mentor and the leader.  I know other peers can relate to me, too, and that’s helped a lot.

I’m really close to my therapist.  She helped me see the importance of rebuilding my relationship with my family, especially my stepdad.  I know my therapist wanted me to repair my relationship and reconnect, but she never pushed me.

Repairing Relationship with Family

There was one particularly long call I had with my family.  It was intense.  I spoke to my stepdad for quite a while.

I haven’t had a good relationship with him, but we put it all on the table.  He told me that he felt it was his job to protect my mom and my siblings from my actions and decisions.  I hadn’t thought much about his side of things.

I told him how I didn’t like to be pushed and felt like I had no control of the relationship.

But it wasn’t just about the past.  We both talked about how to move forward and how we wanted things to be better.  It was a tough and long call but my relationship with everyone in the family already has improved immensely.  I never would’ve gotten there without Elevations.

Turning Point

My best friend and his mom came out to visit me recently.  Man, that meant a lot.  I’ve been really close to this friend since freshmen year.  Talking with him and his mom was really instrumental.

His mom shared that she had a pretty sever drug problem back in the day.  She was homeless.

But now, she is married, has her son, and is very successful.  Hearing how she was able to overcome everything…I didn’t think that was possible.  They offered a place for me to come and live with them after Elevations.

They helped me decide to be sober, to not steal, to not live on the street. They gave me an example of how you can overcome…of how I can have a better life.

Brighter Future

Anyone on the team can relate to you at Elevations.  They want me and everyone else to succeed.  I now have a good relationship with my family.  I also have a place to go after I graduate from Elevations where people understand.

I know now that I can have a great life.  I want to have one.


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